Impulse Tour 2004 Part 4

Sunday/Monday August 1st/2nd Garden City, KS 3:45AM
It’s been a long time since I have seen my bus. I don’t like not seeing my bus. Past bad experiences, sigh. I have an all access DCI pass for Denver. Been thinking about grabbing a vehicle and a couple of staff people and drive straight to Denver now for some extra Downtown time 😀 Not gonna happen

I have slept maybe 10 hours on the bus since we left Cali. Mostly because of my personality. I don’t trust the kids or the drivers. I do, but I don’t. You know what I mean? I don’t want to hear about someone having a baby nine months after tour and I don’t want to see my bus or any other bus flying off the highway; been there done that one. I will sleep this next hour, wake up Bill at 5AM, he asked to woken at 5AM, and go back to sleep one more hour. Kids wake up time is 6AM.

I could have told some of these kids to shut the hell up hours ago. I find it somewhat amusing that they can stay up this late talking. Are they not giving a solid effort during rehearsal time that they still have all that energy? Oh well, it’s their drum corps.

Monday August 2nd On the way to Denver
Mike, plates, and I were hanging out this morning during breakfast. He’ll probably be on staff after he ages out. I gave Ken and Thom my journal to read this morning. They both said they think it is funny. I am not trying to be funny. Oh damn, I left my cup of noodles in the lounge. Oh well.

So like when Caleb said he wanted to have more shout out in my journal, Thom will probably say the same thing. And if he doesn’t say it he will think it. Oh come on Thom, you know its true! Well let’s see. I haven’t really talked to Thom. He got here on Saturday. Oh yeah, the sops had an “up yours!” t-shirt made for Thom. The kids couldn’t wait to see it at a show so they gave it to me to wear before the OKC show. I got it all sweaty! 😀 but not stinky. What I lack in stink, I make up for in sweat! So yeah, this lady at the OKC show sitting behind me got all offended by the t-shirt. Can’t remember the comments she was making to her friends. I didn’t feel the need to turn around and explain the whole thing to her, it was a hornline hype. Besides it probably would have made sense to her even if I had told her. The front of the t-shirt says “we’ve upped our standards, so…” back of t-shirt “up yours!”

Luke (DM)and Jen (Asst DM)slept in today. Wake up time was 6AM I walked passed both of them and was going to let them sleep longer, but the Beaver (Dave S) was like “Hey Ray, its 6:15AM; am I the only one up?” Obviously not since he was talking to me! Freaking good natured sensible people. I wanted to punch him in the mouth and tell him to shut the hell up 😀

Last year I would do lights out for the corps, give them the next day’s schedule. Next day I would wake up the horn captain Ski about 5-10 minutes before the wake time so he could do what he needed to do before waking up the corps. Bill is tour coordinator this year, and I would have done the same had he asked me, but he didn’t. The lights out thing has sucked all tour, but it’s not my gig and at this point this drum corps will accomplish whatever it decides it wants to accomplish. If they think sucking at going to sleep will help them, they must know something I don’t.

I didn’t see Ike this morning. He is an RV person and was probably sleeping since he stayed up so late. Gee, I would have liked to have slept in too, but who would be watching the kids and making sure stuff was getting done! Damn RV people. I am seriously thinking about pulling some of these kids aside and talking to them about their attitudes, but really, at this point? No

I am still not feeling a consistent hype from this corps AND WE ARE HEADED TO DENVER!!!! In no way shape or form is there any consistency in anything section to section. Communication has suffered terribly between captions. Its not like they don’t talk, It is philosphical differences, and the nuances in the langauge that they use to communicate. Kids should be smart enough, though, to figure a lot of their issues out themselves; they have had the show for WEEKS now. I guess in a way things were better with just 4 guys doing everything, we definitely had to communicate and coordinate. Wish I could cook a huge meal of FIGURE IT OUT AND DON”T SUCK and serve it to everyone.

Stopped to feed the kids. Lasagna and salad. Nice job Terry! Eating made me sleepy, or was that just a general lack of getting sleep on my part this tour 😀 More Family Guy DVDs then Happy Gilmore. My eyes are burning. My bus some how is now over and hour ahead of bus #1. Bill called me and told I am in charge when we pull into the school until he gets there. I DON”T WANT TO BE THE GROWN UP. I JUST SIGNED UP TO BE A TECH!!! I DO NOT WANT TO BE THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT!!!! Sigh. Okay I will deal with it.

I am again having doubts about what this drum corps wants to be. I do not understand why I continually expect to see them demonstrate a desire to be excellent performers. I am so over trying to motivate these kids. Yes I understand they are kids. Yes I understand the caption heads have not always gotten the job done in a consistent manner. But you know what?, I don’t care. You either want to make it happen or you don’t drum corps. If they are relying on staff to give them performer initiative, they completely lack an understanding of that fundamental concept. I am WAY pissed at the lack of initiative they have demonstrated. Maybe one of the reasons I am so pissed is because I am WAY tired.

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