Impulse Tour 2004 Part 5

Monday August 2nd Arvada, CO 10PM
It is sprinkling. I don’t …loose…sheet…this…Good thing…I hope…what is short? Why are you asking me questions? I AM TIRED!!!! Too tired to really…stay…we’d be , like…. GAAAHHHHHH

Tuesday August 3rd Arvada, CO
12:25AM Just ran into Jeff. He asked me how I am doing. I said I am SO ready to not be here anymore, I am DONE with everyone and bad attitudes. Jeff says the kids need me to be here. I said that’s too bad, I gave and I gave and it wasn’t enough; I don’t care anymore what happens. 12:40AM and consistent people are still up. Lights were out at 12AM I must have been….oh nevermind; nothing is important anymore.

Geez, what am I going to do with a whole day off tomorrow? (the 4th) Sleep?! Hahahahahaha

Since when did punching people in the throat become socially unacceptable? Can I say I didn’t get the memo? 😀

Watching people wander in and out of the gym. Nice (not) Grrrrrrrrr. Just past 1AM now. Ken has tickets to see Jethro Tull when we get back. Really Ken, wow, how did you confuse me with someone who cares?! Hey Ken, know what you can do with those concert tickets? Ask me, ask me! Pleeeeeeeaaasssssssseeeee!!!!!

Wow, everyone woke up late. Go figure. Schedule is a mess anyway. I gave up making schedules when Ken would keep changing them. F sleep. Sleep when tour is over. Kids are unorganized right now, member leadership? Some kids have organized their own run and stretch

I went to the table with the PB&J stuff and squished all the bread loaves. Wow, that was random passive aggressive behavior.

Sitting on the RV now with Ike, Caleb, and DeeDee quizzing each other on states and capitals. Cross this country 6 or 7 times and this game isn’t hard for any of us.

Apparently “we” left 5 guard uniforms in KS. Dude I didn’t know you couldn’t count. Its cool Mark. I should have asked if you were sure you had them all. And what about that Krissy chick? She had way too good of a time that day. I got a hold of her. She is overnight FedEx’ing to us. Damn Ray and Mark, staff ticks!!!!

Wednesday August 4th Arvada, CO 4PM
86.95 with an .8 penalty for Bass Drum Tap when the next corps was on the field. We were slotted 4th and now dropped to 6th. Grrrrrrrrrr. We need to make up 1.5 points on Thursday. Lights went out half and hour ago, so only half of the corps is still on their cell phones. Grrrrrrrr. Oh my goodness there is a cluster of girls that sound like they are at a tea party!

I know this sounds selfish, but if I am not caption head next year and/or given more authority I am not doing this anymore. Things have to change. This has to be better.

(And with that I stopped writing for this tour. Found my 2005 and 2011 tour journals (2011 norcal tour) not sure to continue with these or write something new, recent haps. Taking suggestions as always)

The highlight for me this summer was eating sushi with Jeff for four hours during semi-finals, coming back to the stadium, hearing all about the shows, then talking with other Impulse people, pretending we had watched semi-finals 😀

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