What a Weekend! :D

Well this was a completely new, but completely familiar experience for me this past weekend 😀

Started out by watching the Colorguard get ready for a competition later that day. Many of them were there early and took the time to individually and in smaller groups go over parts of their show. I could see a lot of improvement from the last time I saw them a couple of weeks ago. Soon they were all there and doing make up and hair and all that other pre-show stuff. When it came time to load the equipment onto the parent volunteer trucks a minor/major problem became apparent. Someone forgot one of their flags. Thankfully there was an extra silk and pole in the guard room, but still. Come kids, show day? Check your flag bag before you leave the house! Ain’t nobody got time for missing equipment! 😀

Everything gets straighten out. Bus comes; kids leave. There were bumped out a class because of how well they had scored previously. They ended up 3rd that day, out of I believe 8. They still have a long way to go and I am sure they will keep improving 😀

It’s a little after 9AM now ( I was told to be there at 8AM. I was a volunteer for helping participant parking; didn’t know the first competitors weren’t arriving until 11Amish. Meh) I do some general campus wandering.

I run into the vice president for the Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) the regional drumline organization. He is a guy I worked with for three years. We also started a independent world class drumline and 8 years ago. We go back 😀 It was great seeing him. I run into him 2, 3, 4, 5 times a year since we worked together, but he or I am in the middle of working with whatever ensemble we happen to be with and usually just do the guy nod thing 😀 He read the wrong schedule and showed up to the show site 2 hours early. We both had some down time and had the first real conversation in 8 years, very cool. He asked me what I was doing there. I told him I work with the band in the fall season. He asked how the director utilizes me. I told him I am a visual tech. I was very appreciative about how thinks my skills and talents are so multifaceted 😀 I just remembered. That first year we worked together it was me him and 2 other guys that took an ensemble on a national tour and that bunch of kids made finals for the first time 😀 We each did it all! Those kids worked very, very hard…anyway

The director approached and my friend went into SCPA rep mode, so off I went. I found the lead parking lot guy. Got my chair and my big icy water and took my position! 😀

The morning was filled with Junior High drumlins. Amazing young, young people playing some really fun and entertaining music. The competition was being held in the event center and the field the buses and equipment trucks were parking into is adjacent to the Band/Football stadium were most of the groups chose to warm up and go over their shows. Some very talented young instructors working with these kids, and LOTS of parental support. It was great to see so many kids involved in something so healthy and creative and educational etc., etc., but even more impressive to see so many adults helping and supporting those kids.
I see a group of kids going to their warm up and I notice an instructor looks familiar. “Vanessa?” She turns and comes running to me. A former student from 9 years ago. She give me a hug and sees the orange vest and said something interesting. “Aren’t you above this?” I just smiled and wish her and her group a great warm up and a great show, and off she went. No. I didn’t explain to her. I am not “above” anything. As I have told people from time to time about what I do and how I do it. If I am a part of a school/program I am in it. Chaperone a dance, I’m down. Help at a car wash, I’m down. Help park buses, trucks for a drumline or colorguard show, I am down! Just a basic philosophy. If you are a part of something and you can help out and make better, just do it!

So much more to say about this weekend. Same group of crazy, fun parent booster were there. I love those people.

Thank you all you new readers. Would love to get some comments on what you’re reading, especially when you hit the home page/archives. I have over 120 blogs. I just reread https://storiesfromaguynamedray.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/girls-women-females/
because someone clicked on it. I think earlier on I wrote some really interesting stuff 😀 so if you happen upon something you really like, please let me know 😀 More about the past weekend tomorrow! 😀

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