Preparing yourself for Excellence

I may or may not have mentioned I am getting myself into better strength, health by hiking a given amount each week. The first time I went out for a 3 mile hike it took me almost 2 hours to get that done. Now I can hike NINE miles in 2 hours 😀

First week of hiking I got 18 miles in. Second week of hiking I got 24 miles done. Last week I hiked 36 miles. So far this week I have 27 miles completed. That’s 105 miles and the goal this week is for 45 miles, so I should have 123 miles done before I see the people that are in part motivating me to do this.

I am pretty much maxed at getting 9 miles done in 2 hours. I need to consider heading to a local park or track and straight out jog that same difference and decrease the time. Slight problem, body is starting to feel a little beat up 😀 which is a good thing

I don’t know when it started other then it was a long time ago. I enjoy being uncomfortable 😀 Pain, even better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any crazy fetishes or kinky habits (although I did have this one girlfriend about 8 years ago :D) I just enjoy getting messages from my body, like this morning, saying “hey Ray, six miles is good enough today,” and I say, hey body sthu! 😀

Trying real hard to be the shepherd 😀 Actually everything is all good. Ankles are a little tweaky, hip joints are a little tender, the knees feel stressed, and my shins really need a good stretch every morning and evening. All else below the waist is feeling grand! 😀

I don’t know how important it is for the drum corps kids to see me getting better physically. I know I had a visual instructor that went about 3 and ½ bills and I still thought he was a badass. I do know that last season getting into better shape made me feel a little edgier and I think that was reflected in the way I communicated with them. That really is the difference between 2nd and 3rd place, or 1st and 2nd place, have just a little more edge.

I took pain killers once these past four weeks. I was thinking about taking some earlier today but decided against. I was remembering the other day when I would go on tour I would take a multi-vitamin and two pain killers every morning. I am guessing it will come down to that again very soon.

There hasn’t been a consistently to when and where I feel discomfort during my hikes. Generally speaking, when a part of my body starts to complain and I keep pushing, it shuts up 😀 Trying to find a groove since I settled into this 9 mile a day thing the last couple of weeks. I was already thinking about making it 54 miles this week, just because, but I don’t want to risk looking stupid on Sunday so a day of rest on Saturday should be okay, maybe just a 3 miler on Saturday for nostalgia’s sake 😀

Was looking at the schedule for their out of state shows this summer. The Boise show doesn’t have a designated venue yet. Interesting line up, though; groups we usually don’t get to see. Almost the same lineup the next day in Ogden, UT but one more world corps. I love that the UT show is a place I have been many times. Doubt we will get to stay at Bountiful HS, but if we do…I will be changing several times a day 😀

Rehearsing in Huntington Beach all season doesn’t prepare them to perform in the summer heat of the San Gabriel Valley and Riverside, but how can you really prepare for that. And having 6 shows in 8 days, traveling over 2400 miles? How do you prepare for that? My suggestion will be for them to push themselves as hard as they can physically and mentally between rehearsals. That will give them their best chance to achieve the kind of excellence I am expecting from them 😀

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2 Responses to Preparing yourself for Excellence

  1. Ryan H. Turner says:

    Love your blog my friend–and I am SOOOOOOOOO impressed with your hiking totals. VERY inspiring. I LOVE hiking. I wish I could do more. I would say let’s go hike together, but I have a strong feeling you’d destroy your old drum major. Would love to know where you are hiking though….

    • 🙂 it’s a bunch of trails a couple of blocks from my house called Sunny Hills. It’s the hilly spot just north of the 210 and just west of the 57 between Sunflower and Glendora Ave 🙂

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