Physical Training – Mental Stamina


Physical Training

I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks at least. My people need to step up their physical preparation for now and this summer. Ideally we would have one person trained in such a manner that they could run a very specific, effective program. But really, how complicated is getting into good shape?

It’s like the zumba thing. Someone repacking exercise and selling it as something new. I was talking about this with a friend the other day. She was like, yeah, people get bored with their exercise routine and are always looking for something new. Bored? Wth! I have done the same 3 mile hike 15 times this week; 3 times a day for 5 days! I think the real key of physically training yourself to be stronger is to be mentally disciplined on a goal and focus on consistently moving towards it. There is nothing entertaining about goal achievement. It is all about the focus.

One thought I have is that the kids get there a half hour before sign in and make it happen. Then sign in, unload truck, and hit the field ready. But then what about new people? We could do this, maybe, when the hornline is set. Speaking of hornline, I have to see what the drum cats thoughts are about this. They are totally different beasts in some ways, important ways, than the horn cats. Also, I do like working with each section separately. I think it is valuable that each section having some separate visual time 😀

When I did band camp at one school last summer I worked with the winds in one block and battery in another. At another school that I did a summer band camp, I never worked with the battery, the battery staff did music and visual with those kids.

I used to do my own workout before rehearsals when I was a member of a drum corps. That’s another thought I have about P/T. Each person should know where they need to do the most work: upper body, lower body, core, cardio-vascular, etc.

Some links:

I think the biggest thing to recognize and get past is the fact that the irony of getting stronger is you are going to feel weak and tired at times in the process. Stuff is going to hurt. Your body is going to tell you it has had enough, but you have to keep pushing back and say no, body, I want you to do more. I guess in that sense it is helpful for many people to do their physical training in a group setting. Everyone will see if you are getting it done or not.

But wouldn’t it be sweeter if whenever it is that we see each other we can see that people were getting it done in between rehearsals on their own? I am really looking forward to seeing people look much stronger tomorrow 😀

Again, I think there needs to be some focus also on strengthening Mental Stamina. Links:

Damn, wouldn’t you know; Nelly wrote a song called Heart of a Champion.

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