Impulse Taft Camp 2013

May 24, 2013 Friday
The bus ride up was relatively uneventful. I rode bus two, the horn bus. My driver was overly cautious but I guess that is a good thing. Cindy and I were the only adults on the bus, and I was the only instructional staff. Whatever. She and I ate Wendy’s together on our way up. Alyson and Peyton were buddies for the ride up, and are buddy buddies too! 🙂 There was a strange FB post with Andrew (baritone) and Soo, and some random stranger at In ‘n’ Out. Jasper did an awesome job at the pick up site keeping things moving and organized. He helped me with my stuff too. Ruben also was a major help when we got to the Taft site. He made stuff happen and helped me with my stuff. Battery, yeah, well…
12:30ish (Saturday)
Yellow buses sucked. I was fine. Bad for Cindy and tall girls like Alyson. Had a misunderstanding with the guard before will pulled out of El Monte. A bunch of them (Serica, Gaby, Peyton, Jared, Alyson) got off the bus and hit the ice cream van parked next to the buses. I got off my bus and tried to get them back on the bus. They made purchases anyway, and I was super mad, but at least they were quick and back on their bus. Then I find out later from Cindy that she gave them permission to get off the bus since their driver was in the restroom and they had to wait for him. But before that, Alyson apologized to me at Wendy’s. Argh! Communicate people, please. Cymbals just finished their annual hype, the head shaving. They left a mess, better clean that up. It is disgusting. Why am I the only sleep police? Maybe write one more page and go off and have RayRay time. Thila quit, Junty quit. Looks like Chris has a spot now. Dylan finally showed up again, wth. Soo is looking solid. Gotta get that Melanie kid back for next year. I think it is RayRay time. I liked how the guard responded the couple of times I got on their bus to check how they were doing 🙂
May 25, 2013 Saturday
Had my words with the corps this morning with the corps this morning about my expectations and goals for the camp. I don’t know how much it matters sometimes. I guess it does. Damn kids, sticking to the schedule I sent out. Ruben Sr. brought coffee for staff. It is damn good. There was a little gopher on the side of the field, next to the track. Had a random hang with Mike (Plates) and Larry this morning. Why am I still the only instructional staff here? Oh well, as long as stuff gets done! Jay is leading run/stretch/PT, he needs some coaching up. He will be alright, he is following Jasper’s script. Hey kids, might be a good idea to bring water to warm ups! They are going to sleep well tonight.
May 26, 2013 Sunday (Lights out)
Everything is cool. Larry just turned off the light I was going to turn off. We had to move the girls from the girls gym because of some creeper guys that didn’t belong on campus. Somebody left gates open at that end of the school, and we could secure them or the girls gym, too many unlocked doors there too. I was expecting Larry to wander over here, guess he can see me writing. Respect? I guess. I wonder. Not sure. Not sure what I do understand. People person. Megan said something very nice to me today. She said the corps is very lucky to have me there, awww *hearts* and she let me use her lip stuff 🙂
May 27, 2013 12:00 (Lights out)
Battery asked me if they could wake up the corps with X Factor in the AM. I said yes, but on second thought, not a good idea. Parents and staff are sleeping in attached rooms to the gym. The kids are having fun, some are hurting a lot, but in a good way. I am sensing some children are still up. Much has been accomplished this weekend. I think they are excited about what might be.
Wake up
Battery came into the gym harnessed up, ready to go, an hour before wake up. Good thing I wake up early. Told them sorry, changed my mind, no X Factor. They were disappointed but complied. I told them why. Staff has not made much use of the food availability. Cindy is not happy about that. I think coffee soon would be a good idea. Kyanna still has the V Water I gave her 2 days ago. Ashley reminder me that I need to coordinate with her when I can wear my yellow smiley PJs. I think it is funny that I have the same pattern PJ pants as a 16 yr old Asian girl. Even funnier they have them in my size and the SBSP PJs in my size. Stupid school and automatic alarms/bells. There are computers, they need to figure it out. Some people don’t care 😦 Kids are doing a nice, relaxed stretch this morning. Leftovers for breakfast, lots of leftovers. Frenchie doing the Mickey voice and making inappropriate comments. Some kids are having balance issues with the stand on one foot stretch. Kicking into PT now. Mellos and Cymbals had kitchen clean up this morning. Food highlights from the weekend having an encore this morning. That sounds so wrong
Jessica let me use her sunscreen. The size label on these pants are wrong!!!LIES!!!!! I am so ready to be home, put that thought aside, suck it up. These kids are working way to hard to give less than my best. Call in for a sub Tuesday? Naw, I will suck it up tomorrow too. Some of these kids are going to be a waste of space at school tomorrow, but they will be jonesing to be together again. Time to hit the field.
May 31 Friday 2013
Going over my notes from this time of the year in 2012. Impulse is better this year. Kids are learning and applying new information quickly and effectively. This still needs to improve. Individual precision and consistency are lacking, but I appreciate the overall performer presence, it is evident. Open and Production, Part A, need to locked down and SHOW DAY! Ready by the end of Sunday. They need to do what they need to do to make that happen

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