Impulse 2013 last of everydays and first show!!!

June 26th, 2013 Wednesday MHS Huntington Beach
Soccer guy/coach figured it out finally, the “band” uses the field as soon as they are off it. Still left one soccer goal in back corner of side 2. Grrrrr. Had to go to back has to protect the guard with my interval stick from random soccer balls. I think we ended up “stealing” two. Naw, they left them because all the kick was out of them, you know, how like tennis players and golfers toss out balls (*snap*) when they are worn out (*snap*) Repainted the greens, front hashes, big blue, 1’s and 3’s on the sideline, gaks, and that battery echelon in closer.

Production day! Guard took field in the AM and did drum feature work and drill.

Guard looked good at the run of Production A, Production B, not so much. All and all,everyone had a good couple of rusn at the end of the block, a lot of consistency in achievement

I don’t need anyone back here talking to me while I am running the met. Jeff, help me out here.

Color guard sat on my car and did llamas. Vooris is bald. GAHHHH. Car no go. Thanks Jasper and Bryan. Isaac is going with me in the tow truck and Jasper is taking Brandon home.

June 27. 2013 La Puente Thursday Morales (mechanic)
Beepbeep!beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep They reattached the cable to the battery and now the car alarm won’t stop. Thanks for making it stop last night, Jeff 😀
Fml, are bets are off today about what happens later until the red box starts moving on its own.

Schedules are out for the weekend: Marina Friday 9-12, 1:30 buses leave from Vons, across the street, arrive at El Camino HS 3:30, 4:30 warm up, 6:45 gate, 6:50 show, 11PM back in HB

OMG!!! ITS ALIVE!!! 😀 😀 😀

Saturday Glendora HS 10-1:45, Leave for SAC at 2:30, 4:30 arrive, 5:15 warm up, 7:20 gate, 7:35 perform
Sunday 3:00 arrive, 7:20 perform

Plan for 3-5:30, if I get there
3-3:30 to page 7, water, 3:45-4:15 to page 15, water, 4:30 to 5 to page 22, water, 5 to 5:30 to page 31, water. GOAL S ARE TO slot Roland and Elvis into the OPENER, set by set, and everyone else, make your drill perfect!!!
– It will be very tempting to help others, please don’t, concentrate on yourself
– What you see inside the drill is sometimes DRAMATICALLY different than what the box reads
– 2 goals this block
– Stretch as a drum corps for 10 minutes, Serica/Jasper lead. Set top of show

Jaymi is definitely underrated on staff. She should be asked everyday, at the end of the day, if she has something to say. She brought me an awesome taco and a passion something tea from starbucks yesterday.

Sounds like the alarm the battery y todos are fixed 😀

Should have been using the zinc everyday. Face still feels burned, but not as bad as Tuseday, but still. Zinc’d up Wednesday and it was PINK 😀

Daniel indicated to me he was going to ask me for a ride to riverside. That was about a week ago. Haven’t heard or seen him since. Daniel can take a week of of work for tour, but not our everydays :/ hmmmm


Sectionals just started

Right now it is beyond not making mistakes. Emotionally committ to that moment of your performance. Give your audience an experience they will always remember. You are musicians, You are artists

The mexican grocery store (Big Savers) didn’t have pudding?! Is pudding White People food?


There used to be a Drum Corps called the 27th Lancers. I helped kill that corps. Too bad, so sad


Maybe not so done

Let’s do the bandanas! 😀

Okay, I think I got this figured out. Got charts/copies, pudding bag, paint, water, let’s do this! 😀

I love my training. Manage your stress, Ray. You have no control right now. The moment you can make something happen, make it happen.

June 28, 2013 On a bus, on the way to Oceanside Friday
So much to say, so little to say. Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is going to be alright

Jeff told me that stuff was looking good visually this morning. Stuff was locking in 😀 Maybe because they have had good instruction 😀

Our scheduled arrival time is 3:30 and warm uips at 4:30. With current traffic, that my be compromised.

Amanda gave me a ride home last night, with Megan, and Bree. That turned out to be kinda cool. When Amanda dropped me off, the kids across the street were smoking the weed. When Amanda got out to open the trunk, one of the guys was like, Hi(gh), to Amanda. Ha! Hi(gh) See what I did there! 😀

Marine layer. Thinking about tour earlier, they are going to need to take the time and stretch well, when they can. They have NO IDEA what they are about to experience. Tour, becareful what you ask for 😀

Pre-show Vizh in fromt of the Science and Technology build, our zone the past few years
That went well. Dumped the stick at the truck. Went to guard warm up, did not expect to see Nathan. I mislead myslef with an earlier post he had made:D Watered up Nathan, Cunningham, Corwin, Niko (the thought), Gonzalo, quads, something took Lane’s water jug, wth (later found out it was Gaby, mistaken water jug, they had the same)

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