Impulse 2013 Mt. Sac and RCC

June 28, 2013 Oceanside, CA Friday
Judges’ comments after first show:
GE Visual
Guard not consistent with choreo in opening statement, hands. Questioned also the staging of the guard in the second halt. Battery solid, so far. Guard posture through pass throughs with the horns (damn horn intervals making the guard squeeze through 1 step intervals instead of twos) horns not effectively achieving the transition from counter motion to all traveling in the same direction. Opener ended strong. A growth in performer presence was noted. Production: Rifles not consistent with work. Drum solo was solid. Not consistent performer quality in the guard during the swing section, and the guard transistion from production to closer looks forced.

Visual Proficiency
Sops, posture (really!!!! Throwing away points before even stepping off!!!!!!) guard hands. Battery feet placement, is it 45s or parallel? Guard body shape when equipment is in the air. Intervals, Intervals, INTERVALS!!!!! Production: Battery, first step in direction changes. Jazz run, TOES, TOES, TOES!

(sheesh, wish I had worked all this stuff out during vizh time, oh wait, I did. Damn kids)

June 29, 2013 Saturday Home 2AM
…and he leaves his phone on the bus. Rayderpness

Damn it Isaac, you said the bus turned left, and I turned right!!!!

Glendora HS
Painted the white lines, front sideline inserts and front hash inserts

Serica fan club keeps growing 😀

Peyton, damn. I just want everyone to have a good experience

I really like the show silks.

Running Closer. Snares, dirten out. Back to Production, swing section. Basses working rock out vizh where snares have the swing walk. Now top of Production.

Move with a purpose! WATER UP!!!

At the show 😀 (Walnut, CA – Mt. SAC)

Vizh warm up went well, music ensemble too. Doesn’t mean crap. Show was better than last night. Too many random errors. Went to see guard prior to step off. Andrea was there. Lead them across the field to the ramp that goes to the back of the stadium.

(personal notes to address members later)
Breath, Relax, Be Calm You are Musician Athletes

Intervals!!! Guard pass thrus

I did, and the judges did, feel the growth of your performance through the show

Consistency!! Posture, Technique. Battery is out performing the horns right now, but the battery needs to improve still, also.

Be light on your feet, lift up always, feel your upper body wanting to separate from your lower body. Jazz run, TOES!!!!!!

Aches, pains, tired, fatigue are all a state of mind. It is not real unless you believe so

Energy!!! Perform!!! Need more hip action in the swing/rock out section. Not like bumping uglys, but something close to that

I promised the judges a higher level of achievement and more performer consistency tomorrow night BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN IT!!!!! 😀

June 30, 2013 Sunday Riverside, CA R.C.C.
Woke up, got stuff done. Went shopping, packed, picked up Isaac and Brandon, took 210, 71, passed the 60, got back on the 71, passed the 60 again, got off fwy, found mission, took mission to Garey to 60, passed the 91, turned around and got back on 60, got the 91 off on 14th/Olivewood

Vizh warm up went well. Went to our old zone. I talked to them about non verbals, what is their intent, and when will they communicate that consistently. I gave them a 6 and 3 exercise, blew their minds, right foot step offs, what was the big f’ing deal? 😀

Searched and found the guard. They needed water, gave them what I had. They needed more. Went to CVS got water and ice. Stayed with guard the rest of warm ups, refilling water bottles. Nathan was there

Here comes the pit 😀 Guard needs to get dressed. What happened to the pit cart?

In Payton, UT band camp is going to be going on. We are going to invite him and his band to watch our rehearsal.

Inconsistent show. Some things locked, but still too many individual not handling their intervals consistently. I am doing the after show rap ALL SEASON! 😀

Argh, waiting on Isaac, Emily and her family took him to dinner, so now Brandon has disappeared. I need to text Jaymi because she said she needed a ride to the transportation center where the buses are picking us up for tour. But I have to go to critique too!!! ARGH!!!! CF!!!!

I walked to the stadium. Souvies are gone, sorry Megan. I am back at the van, no Isaac still, but Brandon and Jaymi. Jaymi has $1000 check waiting for her in Glendora. She will meet us in Fullerton 😀

(rap with the corps after show)

This tour, except for a couple of you, is your first drum corps tour

We all need to demonstrate more patience with each other than at any other time in our life, and be as positive, and encouraging, and supportive of each other as possible

Having said that, also understand when it is time to move, we move; when it is time to make something happen, make it happen. There will be no compromise on those two points

Your staff has hundreds of thousands of drum corps miles behind us. WE GOT THIS 😀

Apply the information we give not just here and now but in your life

I have reading books, spiral notebooks, pens, and pencils. I highly encourage you to take and use them these next 8 days, and if you don’t use them during tour, use them later in life 😀

(I ran out of reading books and notebooks for them to journal in)


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