Impulse 2013 First 2 days of Tour

July 1, 2013 Monday On the Road
Finally got Isaac and Brandon to Fullerton 😀 Took another detour (got lost). We stopped at Chapman and St. College because Brandon and I were hungry. Isaac had already eaten with Emily and her family. Isaac went to Yogurtland and Brandon and I went to Chipotle. It was closed. We all ended up at Starbucks, I got a chicken something sandwich, then we took Brandon to BK

Jasper just gave his phone number out to the entire bus and now he is getting random, anonymous sexy texts. I suspect guard, or maybe bari girls. (It was Cristina!)

I had a great conversation with Gaby! 😀

Am I who I think I am, or am I who others define me to be. The truth is both.

Rest Stop. Some random strange characters just came around the trucks at the end of the lot. Keeping my eye on them. I am standing on a spot in between the restrooms and the buses, watching kids go back and forth. Those characters are getting closer Oh Crap! 😀 Its Corwin and Mike 😀

One of the things Gaby and I talked about was ME time. We both need and value it. I noticed that during lunches with the guard. She would always sit at the edge and have space between her and the next person.

It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about us ( a saying I came up with sometime during everydays)

Gaby want me to wake her up when we get to Vegas, She has never been

Solo trumpet drill last night at RCC. Grrrrrrrr

Passed the CA/NV stateline
Just figured it out, Tom is a fm’ing snorer!!! 😀

We have not always worked smart this year as a staff and me in particular. For the most part, we have done a good job, but their have been times when we could have been better. I know I started the year with expectations beyond their ability, but I noted and adjusted and I/we have been getting better all the time since. Still, there were times where would could have been more efficient and created a better learning environment. I always want more, better. Because more is better, usually 😀

I see the Strip! 😀

Some members did not transfer their learning from short term memory to long term memory very efficiently. That was another thing I talked to Gaby about, cognitive development, and the learning process. Speaking of, I tried to wake up Gaby, shook her shoulders, no wake up, took a foot and shook her whole leg, no wake up. Chick is OUT!

Cedar City, Utah
So 7 hours on the 15 gets you here 😀 Rolling down the highway. Our last stop was around 3am and it is about 4 hours later, been up the last hour or so. Love watching the sun break the horizon, badass 😀 Someone wrote on my window while I slept and drew a cigarette on one of the fishes. I suspect Jasper “Good morning Ray”


My bus driver’s name is Henderson. I miss Fred (’05 bus driver. We took a hwy to a show and needed to make a left to get into the show site. No left turn lanes, about a mile later Fred turned left in an intersection, blocking all the traffic, and waved the buses , trucks and other vehicles traveling with us into a massive illegal U turn 😀 People honked, yelled, scream, gave the finger; it was beautiful! That and many other moments like that is why I loved Fred)

Took a morning walk with Mike, Corwin never made it out the bus.

I am so lucky Gaby is sitting behind me. I should have been Amanda and Alyson. They put their stuff there but Mr. Rogers made them move it because he thought more adults were sitting on the bus.

I am so glad Megan and Peyton are sitting together. Peyton has not been feeling it for a couple of weeks now and Megan is just like the best always. My immediate neighborhood: Mark is in the front right seat, Lizzy and Daniel are behind him, Bryan (Cadet) is behind them and across from me, Yashira and Christine are behind him, and Erin and Dylan are behind them. Tom is in front of me, Gaby behind, and David and Scott are behind her

Little Steve (Isaac) will only sing if it is a Taylor Swift song

Ruben spaced Andrew Morris’ Luggage and water jug and didn’t pack it with the other stuff in his car to take to fullerton.
Singing to myself “Come on Baby, do the Locomotion!)
Hornline is singing closer for Serica. I asked Serica to finish writing the flag work in closer, so Serica is writing flag work, on the bus! Badass! When you want shit to happen, be specific!

Told Megan I wrote about her 😀 Bryan is putting the section Serica is working on onto Finale so she can put that file on her phone and the hornline can stop singing. Smart kids, getting it done

Jasper’s Birthday is today, and the bus wants to see him twerk, TWERK, TWERK, TWERK. TWERK JASPER TWERK!!!!! THAT BOOTY WAS BORN TO TWERK!!!!! Why are guys shouting the most for this?! (Robert?!)

Snareline drill fiasco cause Ruben and Dylan into solo drill yesterday, went to the college and not high school hash on a set. I blame Nikk. We will be having auditions today for center snare…

I ask Christine what she is listening to. Music, she says. Music?! Really?! I need to ask more specific questions, going to let that one go.

Schedule for Payton, UT; Lunch 12-1, sectionals 1-5, dinner 5-6, ensemble 6-9, shower/pack 9-10, Depart

Throw that onto the “Shit that never happened” pile. Major schedule rework. I have a feeling we are going to experience all that can be experienced on a tour, in one day

YAY! 5:15 to 5:45 I have the drum corps!!! It’s all about the visual 😀

Ran Production A set to set, chunked drum solo and Production B. Wanted to do a run of show, top to bottom, but ran out of time. Pulled them in and gave them an in the moment rap. We got a lot done in 30 minutes 😀

So today: Luggage/water bottle left at home, food truck had a tire blow out and will meet us in ID, kids left 3 cases of field paint in fullerton, and the paint roller in riverside, the 7am breakfast turned into their only meal until 4pm, everyone had awesome sectionals, I fell asleep under a tree after lining field (like Charlie!), Serica finished writing flag work, Maribel (mom) twisted her ankle on the janky concrete sidewalk, Art went to ER because of the infection on his arm.

Plan for Idaho: Arrive 4am ish, Wake 7:30, breakfast 8-9, rehearse 9-1, lunch 1-2, rehearse 2-4, shower/pack 4-5, depart – snack on bus, arrive 6, warm up 6:30, Perform 8:25, Dinner 9:30, Depart 11

July 2, 2013 On the way to Idaho Tuesday
Apparently Amanda and Alyson handled their bus situation. Brandon (sop) thrashes in his sleep, bumping theirs all night long. I will have to ask Jasper if he had an assist with that (never did ask) I love when Mark comes to me and asks me to handle a situation with the kids, because as he says, they will not listen to him. Then why be here?!

I need to find filters for these reading lights, although they don’t seem to be bothering anyone. As soon as we got on the bus, most people pretty much went out! 😀

I gave Gaby my body pillow day 1, because she wasn’t looking very comfortable; she has owned it ever since. I don’t think I want it back now anyways, all covered with cooties 😀 Glad I packed the Arnold Palmers, they are very refreshing. Got a “Que paso, vato” from Serica.

Bryan is schooling Andrew (baritone) on the ways of drum corps, and Cadets, in particular. Soo is sleeping in the aisle. YES! A drum corps must for most. Soo is an Arwen Fan Club member. Took my first stroll down the aisle to check on the peeps. All is good 😀 Papa Jasper has not allowed any movies. Smart, they need to sleep.

We need to have a music field ensemble listening point block at some point. We have a 3 hr block later this AM

Good parents, good kids. Some kind of magic is happening here 😀

Peyton is starting to seem a little more like her pre-drum corps self. It’s a good thing. I credit Alyson and Megan. “Hey Ray! “ 😀
Pull in went well. The gym was dark and quiet last time I checked. Girls and boys locker rooms are attached to the gym, not always the case. Jeff, Niko, and I had a fun moment with the guy with the keys (band director), and on that note he was outta here! 😀

Mark left his stuff on the bus and now the bus is gone. That’s what happens, we pull in, stuff moves, a bus leaves. Jeff is being very sympathetic, but if the kids can all get their stuff off, so should the grown ups. The sun is coming up. I love how these sprinklers are watering dirt and gravel 😀 I wanna lay down for a little, I guess I should, considering I had to think about how to spell l-a-y 😀

Last one to sleep and first one up! As always 🙂

It is 7:46 and there are WAY too many people not up/or present. I am very disappointed to say the least. Does it even matter that I am here? Quite honestly, I am questioning my value to this drum corps. Do the things I do, and the words I speak mean anything?!

900 Sectionals: Niko Yes! 😀 No Daniel, No Jeff. Grrrrr Corwin’s read on the hornline is that they already look like they are not going to be able to hang not just today, but through this tour. I went to go check them myself. OMG, there is ZERO energy coming from them right now. Crap.

I am with guard. I found an ICE machine! heeheehee 😀 Ike Jackson once said I could find ice in a desert (I did) 😀 So last night I found a speed bump in the dark parking lot, and I attacked the pavement! My hands hurt, a little blood. I don’t care. Focused on maxing my gig!

The custodial staff has been outstanding, as has the band director. I shouldn’t have laid down to watch the guard. I am drifting. Guard. Sleepy. Doing schedule morning this…….

Woke up 20 minutes later. I think they dropped on purpose 😀 Went and worked with the horns the last 30 minutes. Iced up the guard before I left them. Gave Tomasi knowledge (he remembered when I asked him at banquet!) I hope others seek it. He asked me a question and I wanted to share with the whole hornline, but they were talking. Really?! Just had a thought. If Nima and Jazelle could honestly not hear me, how was I able to hear them? Is it best to not talk in a rehearsal situation? But what if it is a break? But don’t instructors sometimes/often continue to teach during breaks? Yes, but… Arguments can go on forever, if that is your choice. What if your choice is to always be aware of what is happening around you? Individually and as an ensemble, these kids are NOT giving their best effort on ANY level of measurement!!!!!

Sigh. I need to be more encouraging and supportive. I note they are making an effort, but it is not enough. They need to understand that, push beyond the physical demands, get between their ears, and make it happen. At this point, it is all mental.

On the way to Boise, ID. I am feeling something. I think they are capable of being BEASTS, but so much of today has been very disappointing. I have no idea what is going to happen tonight. I am actually a little scared that they might crash and burn on the field tonight.

At the Show!!! I’m Guard staff tonight 😀 Haven’t seen a full guard warm up in a long time. Single, carve, 1 ½, prep 7,8, double. This guard is ready! 😀


I am emotionally drained (I cried that night, it was such a beautiful, energetic effort. Not clean by any means, just pure electric ensemble performance)

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