Impulse 2013 Tour Day 3 and 4

July 3, 2013 West Jordan, UT Wednesday
Music Ensemble in a stadium. I am very sleepy and very dizzy. HS kids are having band camp and the director is structuring their break time around our field ensemble time. I need to get some sleep sometime, but food helped a lot too, giving me some energy. Kicking it right now in a park with a sign posted that it is “private.” Who ever heard of a private park?

It was a productive block, earlier. I got a chance to make some Box comments. Quote of the day: “the more they take away from us, the better we get” 😀 (Dylan)

Serica asked me if I was tired. I said no, I was fine. She said I am a liar. I asked her if I looked bad. She said no, everyone knows Ray is always on the go 😀

Sexy Jasper! 😀 Best Booty, him and David Pham. I forget who calls them the Booty Twins

Another good show tonight!, 9 days of everydays, 3 shows, travel day, 2 shows. Hunger and fatigue are just part of the scenery to embrace, like sunrises and sunsets 😀

We have 28 vets and 50 rookies ERMAHGERD!!! I see Bekah (2011 alum), she’s taking the cymbals and hardware off her marimba. Jeff left me with his backpack, the thing is huge. Bekah is doing her gig, I am doing mine. Santa Clara has a young hornline! These bus fumes are hypnotizing.

Megan called me a wise person the other day 😀 HEY RAY

I am sooooo f’ing tired. Jeff is probably waiting for the kids to finish their showers. That is where he went.

HA! Judges cancelled critique. Crown beat BD by a significant amount and the judges were afraid to face BD staff, they said CHALE!

July 4, 2013 Nevada
Just left a rest stop. We are 2.5 hours from Reno. Scott and Gaby shared their snacks with me 😀 I have to ask Christine how the floor was, she slept there for the first time last night. When we stopped it was night, definitely morning now. Another beautiful sunrise. We are heading to motel rooms, La Quinta Inn. I can hear a deep conversation about time, perception of time. Everyone who is up, is munching on snacks from the TA truck stop. I have mentioned the lack of paint three days in a row; I am not mentioning it anymore. Thank goodness for generous band directors 😀

So first Utah field I painted dashed lines on a HORRIBLE field, Idaho field was prelined, and the crappiest of show field EVER (that was another reason I was so happy with the performance in Idaho, they fought that ankle high grass and did not let their performance energy up for one moment!), janky orange lines to correct my 12 step back sideline mistake at West Jordan HS (Cross Country coach was distracting me with conversation, she was cute, What!? Don’t judge) 😀

Kids did a kick ass show at Weber State, and it was a live web broadcast. I love that stadium, had many great shows there. I did the guard warm up again

Semi cluster this morning 😀 Check was not until 4pm, but we checked in at 7am. Continental breakfast ran out quick like. Kids figured it out and Mickey D’s got richer! I’ll have to give Corwin the 411, also about finding out, being informed Larry had no room. He got a surprise suite at one of the Reno casino hotels instead. Good for him. He will be at the Nugget the next two nights 😀

I must have slept well on the bus. I am lying on a bed and not even thinking of….
(20 minutes later)
Got up, Walked around. Kids are enjoying themselves. Walking around, hanging out. There’s a store between the motel and Mickey D’s. A good general hang going on. About 20 kids in the pool, Jaymi is pool police 😀

Mike went to go pick up Vince. Don’t know what keeps Jeff going, He took a short nap like me and is up and on the phone. We are thinking we need to get food ready for the kids in the AM, and not just rely on the motel food scene. I don’t know if we can make that happen. Maribel and Ruben have the food gig all planned out.

My hands are still sore from when I attacked the parking lot asphalt in Idaho 😀 Jeff is still wandering around a hot parking lot on the phone, because that is drum corps. Staying in motels and air conditioning, that is Gold. Wait, oh crap, irony. Right now the only way you are taking away my AC and comfy bed is by prying it from my dead hands 😀 teehee I am going to take a 30 min nap. Jeff is back. He said these beds are not beds. Damn. That’s how Jeff rolls.

I am up again, 30 minutes later. Jeff never napped again. I think he should. His mind won’t let him get enough rest right now. He seems tired, we all are at some level. I know I am, but we push, that’s what we do, shit has to happen, shit has to get done. Parents 😀 teehee, looking a little ripped and torn too. Looking like a drum corps 😀 Jeff is working way too hard, it’s our support staffs’ first tour, and they are still in the figure it out mode, tour – becareful what you ask for. Mike just pulled in with Vince.

Some concerns with the drivers swerving last night. Most of that was from the wind.

I am with the guard right now. They are working on the last 3 16 count moves in the closer, before the big 25 count hold. Amanda thought I had a pack of Uno cards in my socks. Teehee. Me and Guard also made Amanda self-conscious about the “Amanda stare”

Jayme and Les are her. She brought my phone. I will get it from her later. I “accidently” left it on the tour bus we took to Oceanside last Friday. What did I need it for? Anyone I need to talk to is with me on the road 😀 Jeff called that one. Thanks for outing me Jeff 😀

Battery, Pit, Horns prepping for standstill.

I need to find out who is singing “Free Balliin” in the boys locker room during shower time

Surreal performance. Major Cluster to start, sat on buses for at least 30 minutes while people in charge figured it out. Warm up was in a casino lounge. We will set up in front of the main stage. Music and stuff happening before fireworks show, we are just one of the acts. I have to figure out a way to get the horns away from the battery during standstills when the percussion feature happens. Show ended with a couple of random X-Factors and pictures with strangers. Ha, I remember that after shows. Autographs too. Changing back at the bus. Everyone to meet back at the truck.

Highlights of this day: Patience in hurry up and wait situation (Larry had his watch on the wrong time zone), Understanding about a difficult room shortage (we checked in too early), POOL PARTY!!! :D, private showers!!!, motel rooms, hard boiled eggs- bagel-cream cheese-(that WAS creamy)-coffee, sleeping and cat napping on a BED (:P@Jeff), being with the guard and getting stuff done, SLEEP!!!, preshow hang with Jasper (always a good time with that guy), patience of the corps during the preshow figure it out, during preshow warmup guard danced on the stage and took pictures, the PERFORMANCE, honked up Reno people, preshow guard and me watching Brian puppy eyed watching Serica, guard pulling a mission getting corps there caps, Jayme allegedly has my phone 😀 (I still haven’t bothered getting it from her)

I have had some really good conversations the past few days with some of the best young humans that I have ever known: Jasper, Serica, Bryan R., Gaby, the Guard, Andrew M., Jaymi, the Corps, y todos 😀

I talked with Jasper tonight about having more patience as a leader, and how difficult that can be at times. He told me that Charlie gave him that same talk at RCC. Go figure, Charlie was my instructor back in the day. Still learn stuff from him. I try to be a good example to the kids. Tom says I am. I dunno sometimes 😀 Maybe during everydays next week I WILL have a pack of Uno cards in my socks 😀

Past Lights out time. Matt F., Stephanie, and Jazelle are waiting for laundry. w/e. they are good kids. They are all good kids.

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