Impulse 2013 Tour Days 5. 6, 7

July 5, 2013 Friday La Quinta Inn Sparks, NV
Oh what a night. Things are happening, kids are moving. Breakfast went well, kids were polite and didn’t hover over the food, as we asked them not to. Moms, first Martha, then Maribel, helped monitor. Lots of kids ready to go early this morning. The smart kids are packing already. Matt and Bri, wth, w/e. Vacation has ended and now it is time to get back to work.

Jeff needs to communicate what the needs are, things that need to get done, and delegate. We can’t help if we don’t know the information and duties. He can’t always do it alone, he is wearing himself out. We just need better communication as a staff. I think we have all worked together for so long, we just get stuff done, because we know we can. This team will not always be together. We need to construct a framework and more defined roles so new people can come in and replace us. Hahahahaha. Well it’s a thought. A ten year old thought 😀

The drum corps is in exercise mode now. Kids gotta unload truck, move, sectional, move, load, pack/checkout, grab sack lunches and get on the buses. Sectionals will be music focus. When we get to Sacramento, we will do vizh in the park.

I don’t want to here, “If you had had your cell phone with you” bullshit. When Larry didn’t show up early, as he always does, I called him using Mike’s phone. The only people I need to talk to are here on the road.

Getting everyone back into drum corps mode. I have to ask what its called when you swing the flag over your head holding the end of the pole. Hornline did the run to Ray and tap his shoulder twice this morning. Don’t know why that has to happen at least once every summer. OMG, Alyson and her goofy/nerdy laugh 😀

July 6, 2013 Sacramento A little past midnight
Apparently its all about the yelling and getting pissed off before certain boys will respect the schedules AND the obvious. Lights go out for a reason. Figure it out, don’t be a dick. Why are their still so many immature people in this corps. Its not about me, its not about you, its about us. Most of them probably didn’t notice I was wearing my Snoopy jammie pants 😛 Had the thought of holding back section leaders and yell at them a little more. Something inside me, right now, says they should line their own damn field tomorrow. Ha! That’s not going to happen.

Schedule for today: breakfast 8-9, sectionals 9-12, 12-1 ensemble music, 1-2 lunch, 2-2:30 vizh, 2:30- 5 field ensemble, 5 snack, change, 5:45 warm ups, 7:50 gate, 8:05 perform, 9 dinner, 11 lights out

Wake up Saturday
That middle school again 😀 The show site is adjacent to our housing. Gotta take care of the newbie parents Mike! Arthur just came in the staff room looking wiped out. Mike had just come back from doing whatever and Arthur wanted Mike to take him (Arthur) somewhere and get some food. Mike was like lunch is in and hour. He didn’t see Arthur because he was busy doing whatever. I was like, hey Mike, go take Arthur to get a burger or something, right now. Gotta take care of the newbies 😀

Saggy crotch and breakfast burritos (have no idea what that was about, but it was documented)

Painted field 😀 Had a good chat with Niko. Got Peyton ice. Chicken tacos for lunch. The Tang was Tangy!!! During vizh time I ran Closer D and Production A. Serica caught wood with her face. Went to ER. She has a concussion

(two pages of judges comments, I will use them at Open House, Audiditons, First couple of rehearsal, if I come back) 😀

July 7 2013 Sunday Pleasant Hill, CA
Kids have done well this tour. Everyone learned something new. Serica pissed me off a little right before guard warm ups, as she always does, but she also nailed me too. She was talking about another adult back at her school who yells and screams all the time, but she believes that person has a good heart inside. I said I am a good person, with no heart. She said I have a good heart, that I put others before myself, but that I am always trying to cover that up.

Bam, just like that

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