Impulse 2013 First 2 days of the last week

July 9, 2013 Marina HS Huntington Beach Tuesday
Back to everydays 😀 Felt weird coming down here and not being on the road still. Picked up Isaac and Brandon. Before tour, had the idea of picking up Megan, Bri, and Amanda along with the Monrovia boys, the girls live between me and the boys, but freakin’ sliding door is all janky so scratch that idea. Ray is guard staff today 😀 Serica is stressed out, the whole guard is stressed out. Funny the past three years we’ve had this spot for everydays and I bet only a handful of kids actually go the next 2-3 miles to see/feel the water. So far the only water Isaac and Brandon have seen was the time I got lost! teehee 😀 (For the record, its about 40+ miles from Monrovia to HB, even by way of Anaheim, that morning I drove me and them 130 miles) I talked with Amanda and Megan a little about the situation this year. Except for Serica, it is a completely new/rookie guard, but they have been great, all considered. Probably the oldest average age since 05. Well last year they were older too. I am Afraid, besides V (Viviana) they are all going to be rookies again next year (I am working with Glendora HS Pageantry this year, going to recruit the heck outta those kids for open house and after WGI) Speaking of, Megan has consistent, unfiltered fun, love, and enthusiasm! 😀 Serica is pissing me off, again. I love that she is here because she cares so much and feels responsible, I hate having to tell her to sit and not spin. Thank for asking, no, you are not spinning today (except her head – concussion)

Okay, taking the gloves off. This drum corps still needs to figure out how to cover down, step off in time, and have consistent pace size set to set. I know we have had little to no basics time, but that is just an excuse. They need to move on the field like it is the last week of the season, oh wait… 😀

Crazy wind today. Freakin’ HB!! I am sleepy -_- Music ensemble is happening right now Alyson had to leave because of an appointment. Bri, I dunno, but she is gone too. Roland and Tomasi aren’t here today. EEEFFFFFFFF, that defeats the purpose of trying to clean. You cannot seriously clean drill with holes, especially in the same section

Love that Peyton notices the tent design gets a little better each time. What’s the motto? ALWAYS BETTER 😀 Live it. If I don’t demonstrate the words I say, that’s called bullshit 😀 Megan is constantly cracking my shit up! 😀 Ray is guard staff Thursday too. Nathan will be here tomorrow. I wonder if he got yelled at too. During Niko’s annual unfiltered assessment of Impulse (while were up North, this time) he had some pretty awesome words to say about me and Jeff 😀

Can I have your numba? (OMG not related to Impulse but I gotta tell. So I’m writing down drill numbers to kids names so I can look at charts and figure stuff out. Going down the line of color guard girls I get to the 5th or 6th girl when I ask the same question, what’s your number? The girl promptly responds “626…” She stopped when all the other girls started laughing. I know, you had to be there. I was)

If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else?

I can’t, I can’t. I have lost the ability to can.

Leechi! Hehehehehe LECHE 😀

What happened, why is the guard running?

OMG Gaby is so stressed. She says she’s done and is not coming back

July 10, 2013 Wednesday Monrovia
I am on time! WTH 😀 Today I am wearing PINK. Gaby said she is not going to be there today. I hope she changes her mind, besides the fact that she’s already put in so much time, money, and effort, a hole would SUCK. She can’t let this beat her. I woke up earlier and got some things done around the house. It was really starting to look like hell because I really haven’t been there for almost a month. I am glad Nathan will be there today. Tomorrow, it’s the Ray show 😀 I see Little Steve (hahahaha, would have totally forgotten the little steve thing if not for the journal)

Soccer WTH Pretty lines. Smh. Actually met the coaches in charge, don’t remember their names. Leftover calzone and tortilla chips for lunch today, and chocolate pudding of course 😀 Alyson was the inspiration for the pudding. Amanda the inspiration for the Cheez-its (btw, this blog is my memory savor too, saw Ashley W1 with a box of CHeez-its during a break last week. That kid is amazing. That guard is amazing) Peyton and Alyson are here 😀 So is Gaby 😀 Niko just dropped off Jeff’s backpack. Niko will be back in the afternoon. Me and the boys ran into a couple of accidents this morning, Alyson and Peyton too, but from a different direction. We have all been very lucky in the that regard this summer. Rare has been that occasion.

Guard is working really hard this morning 😀 As always. Only two more competitions. That makes me happy and sad. It is kinda cold right now, no where near as cold as it was last year. Made a donut/cheez-it run this morning, to the Vons across the street. I am thinking of painting a blue football field where soccer has their main scrimmages at the end of their practices, and see if that keeps them from using the “band” field. Friday rehearsal location unknown at this point, but it will most definitely be near here. Saturday rehearsal near show site, Sunday at Bellflower HS (home show site)

Re painted the field today. New Guard weapon work is puzzling Peyton. Ugh. Totilla chip satiation achieved! 😀 I full Bocephus kick back mode now

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