Impulse 2013 Thursday/Friday Final Week

July 11, 2013 Thursday Huntington Beach MHS
Soccer, smh, pretty lines. w/e Serica is still all concussiony. Major attitude this morning, part of the symptoms. I know Serica tends to be moody anyways, she has been extra moody the past week. It’s been really tough on her, the guard, me, but we are sticking together and are getting through this. She’s a fighter and I think everyone admires how she is trying to push through this. It’s been really hard on me though, especially the first day, back from ER, brought me to tears, she wanted to be on the field so bad and I had to fight with her, telling her that was not going to happen. When logic and passion meet, it can get ugly.

Onion rings, avocado burger, tuna melt, banana nut pancakes, fries, carrot cake, fudge brownie sundae, hobo potatoes. Food is Jesus 😀

Painted drum solo and closer sets. Echelons (I used that word yesterday at Glendora and the kids were like, what? Oh the big lines, Ha. Echelon = any straight line not at 90 or 0 degrees) Lane has joined the lunch guard hang. I told him earlier this week about the mystery of his disappearing water jug. I found out on tour, don’t remember how it was that Gaby came to tell me she was the person responsible. Others making appearances this summer under the hobo tent: Will, David, Jasper, Matt F., Gaby’s boyfriend, Bryan S, mmm, das all I can ‘member right now. We are going to start at set 22 of the closer and work backward set at a time until we get to the top of D *snap* 😀

July 12. 2013 Friday Huntington Beach Murdy Park
Erin says she’s going to write me a letter, ‘cause she likes me 😀 I likes her too 😀 Amanda told Bryan I will be teaching at Glendora in the Fall. Whoa, I haven’t even talked to the band director yet. Jaymi is supposed to be setting something up after our season is over. I will talk to Jaymi about that after Disney next week. It’s mess with Cameron day! 😀 Erin is currently claiming bench under the shade. Gaby brought me a cupcake! 😀 It’s frosted like Oscar the Grouch 😀 This is some legit icing, not that whip creamy icing 😀 This is a way better surprise than Alyson’s nothing surprise (Gaby got here earlier with some others and a grocery store is next to the park. She and others decided to go to the store and she asked if I wanted anything, I said surprise me. Alyson and others went to get lunch earlier this week. She asked me if I wanted anything, I said surprise me. Yeah. Her excuse was there were too many choices)

Jeff, Niko, Corwin, Mark, and Nathan are here, and its Hello Kitty day! 😀 I don’t remember the last time I ate this much icing. I think there is more icing than cupcake, weight-wise anyways. Jeff is playing a tuba 😀

I have to wait for flag football to leave before I can line the field. Its a beautiful chunk of green earth (btw, the paint I use is water based, very environmental friendly)

Battery is getting it! w/the long ranger. Guard is working hard, great that Nathan is here. Jaymi doesn’t feel well. I think a part of that is a lack of sleep and not eating well. She doesn’t have time to do all this stuff for free and work at all the schools she works and writes music for. Amanda said I looked mad this morning. She looks mad often too! The Amanda Stare! 😀 She busted her lip with her equipment yesterday *snap*

Stacey (last year Rookie of the year) and Lindsey (last year Rookie Guard winner) were here today. Besides always looking great it was so good having them on the field last year. It was so good seeing them today, glad they made the time to be here.

Had to end rehearsal early because people were complaining about the noise. Serica looked terrible after the last run

Brandon brought chocolate fudge minicakes. That, the cupcake, cookies from Mike F, an Ice Cream from Soo, and an Ice Cream from Mike are all I have had to eat today. SUGAR!!!!! 😀

(Jasper wrote this because I drove like 5 or 6 people home from the park. I stayed late because guard wanted to do a few chunks and some runs of the show on their own. Stayed another hour and a half or so. I just wanted to leave at that point, spaced my journal, Jasper brought it, AND my water jug to Laguna the next day)

Then Ray left his notebook @the park…UN TRABAJO!…

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