Impulse 2013 Last 2 Competitions

July13, 2013 Laguna Hills Saturday
Old Scottish guy giving me crap for painting lines on his soccer field, big tournament tomorrow, blah blah blah, been doing this tournament 7 years, blah blah blah, are you going to clean up these lines, blah blah blah. Andrea is here. Bri has itchy arms. Serica gave her some cream for it. The Air is really heavy. Alyson looks wiped out. Jeff set the horn arc where he thought he was outta my way, but after making my initial marks, I could see I would lining half the field in some absolute crap. This guy complaining about my lines should be spending more time taking care of this field. Anyways I moved 8 or 9 yard lines towards the horns, and ended up making several yard lines through their horn arc 😀

Amanda has asthma and this humidity is killing her. I am not feeling the energy I would expect for the corps, but I think they are okay. The heat and humidity are affecting everyone, but there is an apparent high focus, which is good, they are getting stuff done. Cristina’s brace broke, died actually. Today, besides Isaac and Brandon, picked up Cristina, Elliut, Hector, and Matt F 😀 Crap, some people are losing their focus, apparent by their lack of field awareness

July 14, 2013 Bellflower Sunday
Well, Monrovia, to be specific 😀 No Brandon today, only Isaac. But getting Hector, Matt F, Elliut, and Cristina. All this shit is over after tonight. There’s Disney and all that, but the competitive stuff ends tonight. Encore and age-out circle tonight 😀 I air horned Isaac, teehee. Tom talked to me last night about guard going to offsite sectionals. Vince mentioned it to me before critique last night too. Jeff had an interesting expression on his face waiting for me to respond. The guard had a rough summer. Couple of times the morning situation was completely unexpected. I think Serica and guard were doing their best to manage their stress. Food is Jesus 😀 Isaac is finally getting to the van; we got home late last night, midnight ish 😀

Home Show!!! And we started the day with 22 horns outta 30. Serica is running the guard. Talked to the horn line about last night’s tapes. People are walking around without shirts, guys that is, and Bryan R has his G-string shirt “on”

Air horns at the second horn hit at top of closer 😀 This rehearsal had some good moments.

Watching the kids take pictures. Some great moments. Other corps are getting ready for their warm ups. Definitely some benefits to participating in this activity. Mike just called me. Tom is bringing me something cold and frosty. Thank you Tom, Mike.

Naomi and Corwin showed up. Naomi brought me a red Gatorade, prefect color! I am so filled with liquid and sugar! It doesn’t feel like a last show. I don’t know what that means.

Damn it! I screwed up the hashes again. Front hash was about 1ft off, back hash 2ft off. Not as bad as last year 😀 There is a descreprency between the grid and an actual football field, all of 36 inches. Some SCVC guys helped me fix it under the guidance of a Mr. Charlie Groh. One of the SCVC guys I talked to did 4 years in the cadet corps and 4 years in the A corps. Told Jeff, that guy must have some heavy emotional scarring. I didn’t tell Jeff the extent of my hash fiasco (he knows now :D) I will measure it off with tape next year, if I am asked back 😀

Waiting to go on the field. Amanda just hit herself in the face with her rifle. SHe is putting it down and grabbing her flag. Lunch was awesome, taco salad. Will asked me earlier if I did Impulse 😀 that’s awesome. Jay was like, dude, Impulse is only 15 years old!!! teehee Color guard is lining back up. BDC is circling up. The SOund of the City is on the field. I am going to get up and look at the corps, see how they are doing.

WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching the encore now, standing next to Richard and his son CHris. Shauna and Sammie are here (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Alum) I told Allen to get on the field and take pictures 😀 Pit is rocking the swing section!!!

That age out circle was COMPLETE madness!!! Thank you Impulse

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