New topic! CUPCAKES!!! This is dedicated to the lovers and makers of this delicious treat, of which I will be one on Thursday night 😀

So girls are better than boys, right?! And women are better than men, I topic I have previously covered, well cupcakes pretty much falls into one of the reasons explaining these facts.

A month or so ago as I was doing the Rose Parade walk through with the Glendora band, I happened to be walking along with a couple of the drill team girls. Spontaneously one of the girls says, “I made cupcakes last night!” What guy have you ever heard say that? (Okay I am sure there has been the rare exception) but seriously, when was the last time you showed up to work or school and a guy brings cupcakes? Now granted, girls/women don’t do this every day, but it happens 😀

So it got me to thinking that I should make cupcakes at least once a week, and from that point on, I did, for about three weeks 😀 But I cheated, kinda. I used a waffle iron, so they were really like waffle-cakes, and the way I cooked them in the waffle iron they were just too delicate for frosting/icing, so no icing. People liked and ate them anyway 😀 The waffle-cakes were naturally quartered and I would bring 16 or 20 to work and they were easily gone in less than an hour every morning 😀

I was shopping and shiny caught my eye. STICKERS WITH GLITTER!!!!! 😀 I bought a bunch: hearts, ducks, music notes, cat paws, and CUPCAKES!!!! Best the cupcake sticker sheet had the words “I LOVE CUPCAKES” too. My blinged out Glendora drill folder got a new addition. I took the “CUPCAKES” sticker and added it to the spine (A little context, over the summer I named my water jug Ramon, I’ll explain that later, thought naming my folder Cupcakes would be cute; yeah, not so much) . So next rehearsal I was sitting in the office and a girl (weapon) walked in and because I think I am so clever and witty I said, “Hey, guess what? I brought Cupcakes!” She gets super excited because, of course, she thinks somewhere nearby is a tasty treat and I am telling her so she can have one. At this point I am feeling a little bad when I hold up my folder’s spine for her to see “Cupcakes” Well, all the air went out of her balloon, and she practically made the same sound. She was pretty disappointed.

The next day I brought her a dozen cupcakes to share. There are 10 weapons for most of the show, and I figured they could also figure out what to do with the extra cupcakes. I mentioned it to one of the other weapons, but forgot she was a flag at that point in a show. If you are not familiar with a how far a 40 person guard can be spread across the field, plus 100+ winds to navigate through to get back to the guard sideline camp, the appearance of 12 cupcakes has little chance of lasting longer than a snowflake on a hot griddle 😀

Turned out okay. I just showed up the next day with another dozen and told only the girl that I had told about the previous 12 that disappeared before she could get to the sideline. She shared with other flag girls mostly, I think a clarinet (who will probably be in the winter guard, another blog topic), and they came with Despicable Me rings! 😀

I don’t learn very well. Next Monrovia rehearsal I did the same thing to one of the colorguard instructors, telling her I brought cupcakes. Slight difference, my folder was covered with cupcake stickers (judge not) Same reaction, she got super excited and then equally deflated when I showed her my folder. Later during a lull on the field, I walked over to her and asked her if she preferred vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. She said she didn’t like cupcakes! Liar 😀 ( I didn’t say that to her, I knew why she said that, though) The guard girls nearby gasped like a 2 year old would if you said there was no Santa. I dismissed the guard instructor’s statement telling the guard, we don’t need to know this person, and I walked away 😀

A few days ago, during a short break in rehearsal the clarinet section leader, who I was standing by asked if I was coming to the football game in the coming week ( Their first performance in uniform, in front of their peers) I said yes, of course. She told me it was also her birthday. I ask her if she likes cupcakes. She says, yes (surprise, no) 😀 I tell her I will bring her some next Friday. She asks me if I will be making them. I tell her, I think she would prefer if I purchased them. She tilts her head and lowers her chin, as girls will do in those beguiling moments (by the way, beguiling is not a bad term, in my view), and tells me it would be more special if I made them myself.

There you go 😀 When a lady says…. 😀

Wow lots of previous blog topics hit on today 😀 Eventually I plan on tying these all up in some kind of book series 😀

Enjoy readers, thank you for all the recent comments. Some people have too much time on their hands, but it’s all good

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