Young Humans: the Remix

I know this guy. He’s been involved with pagentry for over 40 years as an instructor. That’s what he sometimes calls the young people he works with, young humans. I use the term from time to time also 😀

He was an instructor of mine, in my youth. It was funny when I met him again a dozen or so years ago, as I joined an instructional staff of a youth organization he was also a part of. He asked me if I had participated in the activity I would be instructing. I told him I had indeed, did it for 5 years. He asked which organization I had been with. When I told him which organization, he was shocked. He told me he had been an instructor there, at that same time. How come he didn’t remember me? I told him that was on purpose on my part. I didn’t want him to know who I was.

Sometimes, you want to be invisible. In the marching activity, you want to all look the same, in general. There are times when I only “see” a handful of individuals in a given rehearsal block because the rest of the students on the field are “invisible.” They are moving with such accuracy there is a connection between them so strong they have become almost a human centipide (eeewwww!), but you get the idea.

Just had a mini epiphany.

Among the many struggles young humans have growing up, I believe the number one struggle they have is searching for who they are in the world. In the world of pagentry, as an instructor, you want them to all look the same. Ironic that a young person, seeking an individual identity would also participate in an activity where they could also become invisible

After a rehearsal last Friday and before a football game, I went to get some food across the street from the school. A student got behind me in line. When I saw her I suddenly realized something. In the previous hour and a half, I had not noticed her once.

I told her that. She smiled. Then I asked her if she understood what that meant. Her smile grew bigger and she nodded her head with a good degree of happiness. I had told the group I had been rehearsing with earlier, during their summer camp, the story of the old instructor that didn’t remember me.

I have known and continue to know an amazing group of young people. I have worked with and continue to work with an amazing group of adults that have dedicated themselves to making the educational experiences of these young people be as positive as possible. What a crazy idea, right 😀

It is so simple, to me, to always be positive and to know what needs to be done, and how to do it. I understand why so many people struggle to make it through each day. Life is hard, the more complicated you make it, the harder it gets. I’ve chosen to keep my life simple. Most people want more, not me. I wake up everyday with one goal: try to make things a little better for the people I’m with. My hope is that everybody else has the same idea. I am shamelessly optimistic I don’t try to be inspiring but in the end I do hope to lift the spirits of others. Life can be rough. Whatever life brings you, know that life will go on, and enjoy it as best you can.

A student said something to me the other day that I didn’t contradict, but I didn’t agree with her statement. She said I understand them (young humans). What she meant is that I listen and can see their point of view. That is something we should all be doing all the time with each other anyway. I know that is not the case for many people, which is unfortunate, but an understandable reality. Again, the more complicated your life, the harder it becomes to recognize and value different points of view.

Bless all those who choose to give of themselves and have young humans. No other human endeavor is as noble. To give life, to nurture life, to give the world hope that maybe the next generation will do things right, and fix what we see as wrong in the world.

That’s why I’m always so positive. Young humans represent hope. The people that help and support young humans in constructive activites are a sign that we believe in young people, we believe in the future, and that we believe in each other. That is an unspoken blessing we can and should share with one another everyday.

Amen. I believe. We need to take a step back once in a while and reflect what it is we believe. It directly impacts our actions, or inactions. Sometimes we get so busy “living” our life, we forget what the point is. Of living, that is. To me and many others I believe life is about wanting the best for ourselves, wanting the best for others, and to care and support each other as best we can.

For me, life is to make things a little better each day and hope in the end it is. Working with young people and hope to help them become a little better each day; and to hope they carry those lessons with them so in the future they may live a life of helping others be better people; continuing improving the person they are and making things better for those around them.

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