Born this way

God has quite the sense of humor. People that know me would use words such as affable, friendly, kind, caring, nice, and other positive people-oriented type descriptors for me. Someone commented to me recently that I am too good to them (we were in a hospitality area and I kept bringing them fresh drinks and treats) I told them to not take it personally, I was born this way. I am good to everyone. If our paths cross, let’s make the best of it!

Truth is, I hate people

Not really, but kind of. I love me the me time. My alone time to think, reflect, plan, and enjoy what life has brought me that day, week, or month is very important to me. That means time away from others; far away. I am a lot like my father was in that regard.

Ramon loved him an audience from time to time. He would hold court every time we had a family gathering on either side of the family. I have/had 15 aunts and uncles and have/had over 40 cousins on both sides, so Ramon had plenty of people to entertain with his wisdom, wit, charm, humor, and humility. (Yup, I’m a chip off the old block.)

Consistently, however, around the 2 hour mark he’d give my mom some non-verbal sign that it was time to go home. As much as Ramon loved to talk and amuse people with his Ramon-ness, he really preferred being home, reading quietly in one room or another.

People suck anyways

I do enjoy working with others, and I think they enjoy working with me. I do enjoy the company of others, and appreciate that others seem to actually enjoy my company. Just seems so ironic to me that if suddenly I had to do something that didn’t involve working with other people or that if no one called me and asked to hang out again – ever, I am very okay with that.

That’s one thing I very much admire about couples, the willingness to sacrifice self for the sake of another. And having children! That’s an almost complete relinquishing of individuality, if you do it right. Being “mom” or “dad” automatically ties your identity to someone else 😀

I am starting to feel selfish, but not really.

I am quite giving and supportive of others. It is actually very easy for me, just me being me. If I’m in a situation and others are involved, it’s not about me, it’s not about you, its about us. You really don’t have to look hard to help make things better, and not suck, for the people around you and yourself. It’s what I tell people when they give me some compliment about being a kind, nice, thoughtful person. I am not so much what they think; I am a contrast to the suck in the world.

There’s a lot of suck out there.

Maybe that’s a beef I have with people in general. So many people think just about themselves and not look at the big picture. There’s even an acronym CYA. I get it. I am a hopeless noble romantic that believes we are all working together to bring out the best in each other and have each others back. Yeah, I know that’s not true. It is just really hard for me to think otherwise.

Speaking of suck; have you heard of the huge island of plastic that’s floating in the ocean? Recycle people; not that hard!

Another thing I find ironic about myself. Something that makes me a “people person” is I understand; I get a lot of different personality types and behaviors. Part of that is the variety of unique life experiences I had growing up. Part is my education in the humanities. Part is my professional experiences as an educator. I have seen a lot of people, in a lot of places, in lots of different conditions. But, I think a big part of who I am and what motivates me is I was programmed at birth, by the genes I inherited, to be a people person.

I know my view of the world, and even my view of myself, is not the most accurate in terms of what is the truth. But I like my view

One of the things I do like when interacting with other people is that I believe those interactions also to a degree reflect who I am. If I can improve a situation and make it more efficient, or if that just means making someone smile or have a moment of peace, that is me being able to share what I feel and see inside me.

Even with strangers. I love making eye contact with people in the store or street, especially when it seems they are not having a particularly good day. I smile, sometimes nod, and hopefully signal to them that all is not bad and lost in this world. When they smile back, that makes my day. When that cold, or hurt, or angry, or whatever negative expression remains – makes me remember.

There’s a lot of suck out there.

Well, thank you, again. Hope you all enjoyed.


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