100 people could view the same situation and have 100 different interpretations of that situation.

And they would all be right 😀

I remember telling that to someone when I was working the Long Beach Grand Prix for a fundraiser last Spring. Well, something like that 😀 Our booth had a great location, and at the time of my comment there was easily 1000 people around our booth. I told the kid, see all those people out there? It looks like they are all having the same experience, but everyone is having their own individual experience. He looked, soaked up the moment, turned back to me, nodded silently with a smile


I was driving home the other day when i spotted a toddler and a grandparent walking along the sidewalk in the late afternoon. The child, about 18 months, had stopped and her/his shoulders were squared with the curb and was staring, quite intently, across the street. Across the street was a dog, scratch that, a beast of an animal, on a leash with her/his owner. The dog was in mass about 5 times the size of the toddler and about twice as tall, and was absolutely staring back at the kid. I slowed dramatically so I could see into the child’s eyes. She/he was trying really hard to understand what they were looking at.

The child looked bright. I know, Ray you’re in a car going 10-15 miles an hour. How can you tell in 2 or 3 seconds that this child is/was bright. I know/knew. The posture, first of all, the intensity of the stare, there was processing going on. The fact that the kid’s presence and stare were being felt by the beast across the street. It was a moment, and the dog’s owner and the grandparent were all taking it in also.

I am sure that besides going for walks, the grandparent(s) parent(s) are reading with the child. Any fundamental infant library is going to have at least one book with animals, probably more. Dog is a pretty basic concept in an emerging kid’s fund of knowledge. This child knew what a dog is/was. That was not a dog, not to this child, it was a beast! It might have thought it was a dragon and was looking for the the wings!

Prespective 😀

I difficult concept for a child to deal with growing up is that you, child, will always be your parents’ child. Forever. No matter how old you become, how many of your own children you might have, no matter how successful are or become, etc. Deal with it. Move on 😀

A few years ago, a co-worker invited me to her house for a family celebration. I went early to help her set stuff up. It was at her parents’ house, so her mother, father, and grandmother were there also. I was in the kitchen with the grandmother and her son, my friend’s father. “Mijo”, grandma says. I turned around. She was talking to her son, a man well into his fifties. Of course she called him “Mijo”, mi hijo, my son. Perspective.

I am fortunate that as I have journeyed through life my perspective has consistently changed and adjusted along the way. There has been some constants in my perspective: my basic belief that were are all working together to make the space between us and around us better, my understanding that that is not really true, my stubbornness in still wanting to believe that to be true, that when things are going well I want them to be better still, when things are not going well it might get worse but will eventually be better again 😀

Like Bob Marley said, don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is going to be alright


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