Pain – the Remix

So one of my most read blog posts had a negative title. Didn’t pick this one for that reason, but I am very interested now in seeing how many views this gets 🙂

IMO, pain is not a negative word, it is just a word, anyways…

Pain is very personal. Everyone has different tolerances for it. I fortunately/unfortunately have a very high tolerance for it. I don’t get people who dwell on their pain physical, emotional, imaginary, whatever. It doesn’t make the situation any better. Like when it’s really hot, talking about it, or having any kind of negative reaction to it doesn’t change the circumstance. When was the last time you heard someone say, “wow, its HOT!”, and then the temperature dropped 10 degress? That’s right; NEVER 😀

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. **** the weather. If stuff has got to get done, get doing

I digress.

Once in the main office of a school, the teacher mail boxes are in a small separate room, like most school offices. I typically get to work very early, usually one of the first people there. One morning I was in the mail room, and didn’t hear anyone come into the office. As I am exiting the room, BAM! Another teacher, ex-football coach, plows his shoulder into my chest, wraps up my shoulders, pushes me across the floor, and drives me into the wall, knocking the wind out of me. “Aw, I just had to hit someone this morning.” the guy says with a grin and chuckle.

(If you’ve never had the wind knocked out of you, it’s a very acute pain. You can’t breathe or really do anything but clutch your chest for several moments. If it’s the first time it’s happened to you, it can be terrifying. I’d knocked the wind out of myself several times as a child, doing stupid stuff of course. Not a big deal to have the wind knocked out of me that morning)

After the shock and pain eased, I laughed too. I thought it was funny. He was a friend and it showed how well he understood me, in regards to my sense of humor, and that I could take a hit!

Oh, the hits I’ve taken 🙂

“They whipped, and they stripped, and they hung Him high. They left him on a cross to die. Dance, dance, wherever you may be. I am the Lord of the dance, said He, and I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be, and I’ll lead you all in the dance said He.” – Traditional Shaker song.

This line and verse is from a song called Lord of the Dance. Highly suggest you look it up. It is quite the diddy. Very bouncy. Everyone has their own way of viewing pain and suffering. Those crazy Shakers. 🙂 Aaron Copland took this old Shaker song and used it as a basis for Appalachian Spring. If you don’t know Copland or A.S., look that up too! 🙂

As a kid, I used to bite a fingertip really hard when I had a bad cut or bruise that was particularly painful. If you read Bad Decisions = Great Stories, you know I had quite a few cuts and bruises growing up 😀 Biting my fingertip really hard would be a momentary distraction from a much greater pain. Hey! It worked for me; don’t judge 🙂

I am by no means a masochist. Well, I am not kinky about my lack of aversion to pain. Life begins in a quite painful manner for both mother and child. Imagine, floating peacefully in your own world. Then suddenly, violent convulsions force you out into cold dry world! Moms, don’t even want to think what you go through….*shudder*

I fear this topic is about to spread.

Things are not inherently good or bad. Mostly, things just are. Why so many people ascribe good/bad labels to things is amusing and annoying. Pain, in general, should be avoided, but on occasion, it’s a byproduct of a situation. Deal with it. Absence of pain does not mean life is good 😀

I hurt my elbow about a month ago, couldn’t move that arm most of the morning. When it happened, later that day, I told one person. It still hurts, haven’t mentioned it to anyone since, except you all now. It gets better, then I’ll lift, carry, use the elbow in some manner – stuffs got to get done – and I’ll experience some pain. Then it gets better again until something else that needs doing gets done. No point in not doing stuff, just because my elbow will hurt a little bit.

The other day, a curtain rod needed some adjusting. I got a step ladder; fixed it. I leaned back to admire my handy work, WHACK! Ceiling fan blade to the side of the head. (It was on high.) When the sting started to fade, I laughed, and you would have to if you we there.

I understand there are times when people experience great pain and suffering. I ruptured my appendix. (God doesn’t let STUPID ruin His Plan: part 2) I have seen close relatives deal with long, painful illnesses that lead to their deaths. I am grateful to say I and they dealt with those situations very gracefully.

I happened upon a young man after a car accident, after he had been thrown from his car, and his body slammed head first into a barbed-wire fence. Quite a painful sight.

I am getting depressed now.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to ease pain and suffering, from medications to counseling. After my operation(s), I was prescribed Vicodin. Did nothing for me; didn’t use it. I had stuff to do anyways, that took my mind off any discomfort.

The greatest things in life involved pain. Building the pyramids, transcontinental railroad – pain, probably a lot of death too. The training the astronauts went through to fly to the moon beat the crap out of those guys! Did you see the Right Stuff?! If not, do that too.

Okay, enough about pain 😀

Well, got to getting going. Got more stuff to do now. Not sure what to talk about tomorrow. Trying to keep a good mix going.

Hey, where are those blog post suggestions. Can’t be all about me, all the time! 😀

Lates. Kick rocks 😀

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