Emotional Control

Emotion: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.


I tend to lean on my heart when decision making. Good for others, not always so good for me 😀

Found myself feeling very emotional at one point yesterday, then I shut it off. When I had that situation I wrote about in the post “Emotional Trauma” that was the period in my life where I learned to control my emotions in a most efficient manner under sometimes difficult moments. I would not do that person or myself any good if I could not contain my composure.

I tend to be very intellectual at times also, which contrasts heavily with my heart heavy tendencies. It also another thing that separates me from others in that I believe most people operate in very practical ways, for good reason. For better, and for worse, practical concepts escape me at times.

That part of me that has allowed me to operate in this world on an intellectual, emotionless level has been with me long time, and has served me well when I have been under a great deal of pressure.

I’m glad I’ve always been calm under pressure. I am sure it was partly a result of the confidence my parents had in me as a young human and because I used to imagine myself in all kinds of situations and what I would do if I were ever actually in any of them. I had a vivid imagination and used to experience déjà vu many, many times. I am sure those mental exercises I did played a big role.

When I was 11 or 12 I was talking with a friend on the phone. Suddenly there was a loud electrical pop. Sparks were shooting out of the outlet across the room where the window air conditioner was plugged. Soon the cord catches fire and flames start spreading quickly to the curtains on the either side of the air conditioner.

I tell my friend I will call him back because my dining room is on fire. He’s like yeah whatever, call me back.

Just then my 15 or 16 year old sister starts freaking out. As I move towards the pantry to get flour, she is screaming and pulling at the front door knob. Turn the knob I tell her. I am walking back into the dining room with a sack of flour and I see her, still screaming, and turning the knob back and forth but the door is not opening.

Unlock the door I tell her as I am throwing handfuls of flour at the fire. She unlocks the door, yanks it open and flies out the door, screaming, arms and hands waving above her head.

About 5 lbs. of flour and a minute or so later, I got the fire out. I call back my friend.
He asked how my trip to the restroom was. I told him, I didn’t go to the restroom. The dining room was on fire. He’s like, whatever. It’s not a big deal to have to go to the restroom. I tell him no, there really was a fire.

I tried to explain exactly what happened. He cuts me off and we go back to talking about whatever we were talking about before the commotion.

A few minutes later, a fire truck rolls up, sirens and all. My friends like what’s going on. I tell him there’s a fire truck in front of my house. He’s like why? I told him I said there was a fire in my dining room! Now he’s like omg! The firemen get to the front door and I tell him I’ll call him back the firemen are at the door.

I talk briefly with them. Apparently my sister ran to a neighbor’s house and had them call the fire department. They congratulate me on staying calm and handling the fire. I was like, yeah, meh. They leave.
I call my friend back and he’s all dude, there really was a fire?! I’m like, yeah. And he’s all, and you didn’t freak out?! I’m like, no, duh. How would that have helped?

Stuff happens. You always have to ready because you never know

If youve read the post Been there, and there, and there you know that even in the face of death I laugh!!! HAHAHAHA (And want to kill those that are afraid of dying. Hey, we all gotta go sometime)

Never be too happy, things aren’t as good as you think. Never be too sad, things could be worse. Never hold onto anger, it is poison. Never believe rumors or black letters on white paper, or stuff you read in blog posts (ironic, eh) 😀 I think I said this the other day, just because I believe something is true, doesn’t mean it is. Just because someone tells you something is true, always be skeptical 😀

May God Bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you, and give you Peace.

Does that make me Gnostic? 😀

Amen. Alleluia

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