Young people have lots of questions about girlfriends, boyfriends, and relationships in general. I wrote a blog post about that topic a year ago “Top 100 questions to ask a Potential Girlfriend/Boyfriend” the response has been phenomenal! I went to check the stats on that blog post today because the last few months my blog views, in general, are just blowing up every day.

Seems just a couple of months ago I was averaging about 1000 views a day. The average number of views per day has been going up by about 1000 every week since then 😀 This past Sunday views passed 9000 for that day!

Seriously, if you have a blog post idea for me to write about I WILL!!! 😀 Just post it in the comments 😀

Anyway, back to girlfriends, boyfriends, and relationships (GF/BF/R). I am assuming most of the viewers of this particular post (GF/BF/R) are young people. I have received about 200 comments on this post, mostly from people in their late teens and early 20s. Most, a great majority of the comments are positive. The negative comments mostly make me laugh; especially the lengthy, why is this person so unhappy with their life and wasting their time being angry at words, and comments about practically every question. I have had many readers come to my “defense” against these attack commentors; that’s cute 😀

The power of the search engine!

My girlfriends, boyfriends, relationships post has been viewed by people in 201 countries!!! 😀 Basically, if that country has internet, this (GF/BF/R) post has been viewed 😀

Some countries have what I consider unusually high views of this post, because it is only in English and because of what we/I think about those countries based on how they are portrayed in the US media.

But girlfriends, boyfriends, and relationships are universal concepts. I have received emails, besides comments, from young people all over the world about how these questions have helped their relationships 😀 Many have also linked my post to their blogs, which is what I assume is driving up traffic to my blog 😀

Nice that I can be of some help from time to time 😀

I did get one scathing comment from a kid whose GF asked him some/all (?) of these questions and she told him (according to him) that he answered them wrong and she broke up with him 😀

He seemed like a jerk, so good for her 😀

The numbers:

USA leads by far with over 400,000 views

India is at about 20,000 views?! 😀

Big drop off with S. Africa coming in at about 10,000 views

5 other countries between S. Africa and Ghana , with Ghana at about 5,000 views

Pakistan blows me away with about 3,000 views

Saudi Arabia, over 2,000 views 😀

Ukraine, Mexico, Lebanon, Norway, Morocco, Bahamas, Jordan with over 1000 views each

Honorable mentions to Syria, Palestine, and Iraq with over 100 views by people in those countries 😀

People all over the world looking for a little help. That’s what I do 😀 with a smile on my face and nothing but goodness in the heart 😀

Amen 😀

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