People are too nice to me :D

Funny. I have said it before. I hate it when people say I am too nice or too good to them πŸ˜€

Ironic πŸ˜€

So I got rear-ended last night. Why do I feel bad? Going down a major street around dusk, I/traffic was going about 35-40mph. I see the drive way I am going to turn into. This point of the street doesn’t have any wiggle room between the lane line and the curb. I look in my rear-view mirror, car behind me is easily a three car lengths away. I give my right turn signal and almost completely made my turn, then, BAM. A split second after contact I take my foot off the brake and am pushed through completing the turn.

I get out to see the damage. Looks superficial, so far; I haven’t had it inspected yet. I fail to immediately notice that passing cars are running over a considerable amount of debris. I am feeling a little shaky and the guy that hit me is visibly shaking. I understand why later after we exchange information, which we did, by the way, by using our phones to take pictures of the standard documents in such situations.

I hear him say it several times, but again, having my filters on very high, trying to stay calm and rational and in my moment, and he says again, β€œmy car is totaled.” I move around to the front of his vehicle, a BMW something something, we had been doing the information exchange behind his car. He was right. It was TOTALED! D: I had almost cleared his car, but at the moment I signaled he must have put his head down and he admitted that his head was still down at the moment of impact. I caught, apparently the weakest point of the right front corner of his car, and it was completely collapsed upon the right front tire; totally un-drivable.

He thanks me, for God knows what reason, and I leave him to figure out what he’s got to do next. I am near home. He lives in Laguna Niguel, obviously working late in the office. He will be fine.

Why do I feel bad?

His insurance called me this afternoon. An exceptionally helpful young lady helps me. She is very clear and thorough about the process I am to begin. I thank her for being so helpful and thorough. She thanks me for being a really good customer and that I made her feel like she did a really good job helping me and had wished her manager had been listing to the call.


Why is that so consistent? Guy thanks me for helping him ruin his car and insurance lady thanks me for a random, standard call?


Just remembered a story about when I hit a guy and sent him to ER. Not enough time right now πŸ˜€ I will say it was an accident πŸ˜€ Really, it was πŸ˜€

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