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I had a surreal experience this weekend. I was at a marching band show standing by the vendor booths when I saw a group of moms, good looking moms 😀 My attention went to the one I thought was the most attractive. I somehow caught her attention, probably because I was staring at her, so when she turned to me I smiled my Rayray smile at her. Her expression changed immediately; she didn’t smile back but she turned and made a beeline towards me, and her face took on a look of urgency. Her casual stroll changed into a quicker pace as now she was a woman on a mission 😀

So yeah, been there done that, crisscrossed this country a dozen or so times, worked here and there. She definitely looked like she recognized me. Wish I was as confident as her at that moment about who she was/is. But I did continue to smile at her until she was standing in front of me. I didn’t get a chance to say hello or anything before she stated that I had been a member of a particular youth arts organization. Yes, I said, that’s true. She told me what years she was a member and who some of her friends were. OMG

I remembered her 😀

She was a very cute girl, I recalled and we had many mutual friends. We were friends also, but I was always looking to be by myself as much as possible and was social with very few people. Funny, I know. Yeah I have posted about my quirky personality 😀 I kept a journal back in the day of my travels and have only, so far, found one reference about her. I know there has to be at least one more, but I might not have transferred that particular journal into my blog yet. Anyways, cute girl has become absolutely beautiful woman 😀

I give her a hug. I am absolutely stunned, not just with her physical beauty but she was a great kid, always enjoyed being around her. She was fun, smart, etc. I actually did like, like her too. Maybe that was one of the reasons I avoided her. I tried to stay as focused as possible on my gig and a GF would mess that up. That’s not to say I avoided girls altogether 😀 Any who, she still had that cool chick vibe going on. I could tell, as a person, she was still basically the same 😀

After the first hug, I stepped back and took a moment to enjoy seeing this person again after so many years. I step towards her again and embrace her once more. Her friends were standing close by and I didn’t really want them to hear me say what I was about to say, plus I just wanted to be close to her again 😀 (Plus, marching band show, vendors row, under a stadium, crowd noise, etc, didn’t want to have to shout) I put my face close to her ear and told her that I remembered her as a very cute girl but that now she was an absolutely beautiful woman 😀 She told me I looked the same

Okay, so she’s not the same person she was. Now she’s a liar 😀 I would understand what she meant the next day.

We talk briefly, share one more hug, and she goes on her way to do the band mom thing. She FB friended me yesterday and sent a PM. I responded that I hope to see her again soon 😀 I wasn’t specific in my message back to her and she might read this, so for clarity; coffee, breakfast, lunch, or friendly dinner only. I am still very much the person she remembers me as, and you regular readers know me as…

I am a dedicated wolfpack of one 😀

The next morning I am talking with a friend about this experience, among many other things (breakfast, 3 and a half hours, we covered some conversational ground) She says its my eyes. Sigh. Makes sense.

For a very long time, my view of the world has not changed; how I approached people and situations has been very consistent for a long time. So that’s what old/new friend meant that I haven’t changed, probably the vibe thing about me too. I got that comment from some parents of former students recently, seeing me again after more than 10 years. I seemed the same to them 😀

Okay, enough about me. Really readers, its been close to a year since anyone has suggested a topic. If no suggestions come, next thing I am posting about is yesterday’s breakfast 😀

Peace be with you


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