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Surreal experience number two this past weekend

I have been FB friends the past few years with a woman I met as a girl of 18 oh so many years ago when we were the same age. On occasion I have commented on her FB posts and she has commented on mine. Sometimes we get a short thread going and also on occasion we have PM. I asked to see her recently and we met for breakfast this past Sunday 😀


I have met, because of FB, friends from the past that I have not seen in 20-30 years (the record is 34 years, a girl/woman I last saw in 6th grade) 😀

To their credit and to some extent mine, we were all very well formed and relatively stable young people. We have maintained ourselves as mentally and physically healthy individuals, and the cool vibe we had as young people we’ve also maintained. In every single case seeing these old friends has seemed as though time has not passed since the last time we saw each other. There has been a comfort and you could almost say a relief, as in finally, someone I can REALLY talk to 😀 Plus, we are WAY more interesting now because of all the experiences we’ve had since then and now so it makes for great conversation 😀

Fortunately/unfortunately I had something to do, a meeting, after our breakfast with old/new friend. I don’t know what our next get together will look like but I would like it to be much longer 😀 The 3 and a half plus hours we spent talking seemed like 15 minutes

I was completely enchanted. My heart actually ached most of the rest of the day after going our separate ways. The eternal radiance that flowed out of this woman overwhelmed me the first hour or so of conversation. I must say, I do take some credit. She really enjoyed the time we spent together that morning also, as she said so much. Among other conversation topics, she shared some interesting perspective on some thoughts and ideas I have had about myself, things, and situations that really made me go, hmmm 😀

Arsenio moment

One of those things was that, from her perspective, the reason so many people respond to me the way they do is because of the way I look at them when they are talking. She assumed, correctly, that the way I looked at her and listened to her is the same way I look at and listen to other people when they are talking to me. Gotta love my consistency. I realize, intellectually, that most people aren’t as good a listener as I am, imho, but what I didn’t really consider is how that positively affects someone emotionally

We got into some very serious deep moments during the time we spent together that morning; in part her for wanting to share, in part me for showing a willingness to be worth sharing those moments. We had LOTS of other light, silly moments too. The conversation had range, a rollercoaster in the best sense, a 3 ½ hour rollercoaster 😀

Master of the Moment!

Another perspective she shared about why it is that I like to be alone as much as possible is that I really don’t have an emotional filter when I am around people. My empathetic level is on 11 all the time now, well the last 20 years or so. Very consistently I can tell when someone is not feeling well physically or mentally, and if given the chance I will ask them how they are doing. It humors me when they say they are fine/okay; most people are bad actors. Just to let them know, it’s okay to tell yourself you’re okay/fine when you’re not because you have to push through that when stuffs got to get done, but to also check yourself every so often and take a break or a moment or whatever to be good to yourself and maintain your mental/physical health

I know all about pushing the limits 😀 I have pushed to the point of almost killing myself 😀

But trust too; when I am not around you, couldn’t care less 😀 Part of my ADD, I gotta be focused each moment on whatever I am doing or I can’t get stuff done. I will love you again when I see you 😀

Back to old/new friend

Her mother, her husband, her sons, her friends, people she encounters everyday are the luckiest people in the whole wide world 😀

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