DCI Summer Tour ’86 Part 2

July 29, 1986 Tulsa, OK Tuesday
Worked out by myself this morning. After pulling in last night we scattered in the gym and I didn’t feel like looking for anyone in the dark. So glad I am doing these workouts. Really gives me energy.

Sat with Lisa last night 😀 She wasn’t feeling well; we mostly just talked. Don’t know why I like being with her. Yes I do. She’s good and I am good and together we are better 😀

Told Cindy I will talk to her and tell her what I’ve written about her, only if she sits with me for a bus ride. I am actually betting she won’t. Damn it Ray. I really do need to talk to her though. I am crazy frustrated. I don’t care what happens. I can’t pretend I don’t care about her much longer.

Sectionals went well, but when we got the whole corps together nothing was clicking.

Life is so frustrating at times. But this isn’t life, this is drum corps. OMG I am going crazy!

Tomorrow is going to be the most important day of the year, so far.

Debrah walked by and told me I am adorable. It’s consistent 😀 Damn, still haven’t talked to her yet.

Michelle is definitely adorable. I like her a lot too 😀 and her buddy Jennifer 😀 Calm down Ray 😀

Lori’s been really sick lately; she’s a doll too. Too many damn good looking girls in the guard this year (2013 comment: that is actually documented by one of the guard girls in a letter to me I will post later) 😀

July 30, 1986 Tulsa, OK Wednesday
Worked out with my buddies this morning 😀

Wonder where we are arcing it up this morning

Had a great rehearsal this morning. Only a couple of breakdowns, but they were minor and very short.

Laundry day tomorrow. I still have clean clothes, I would like to have a variety again 😀

July 31, 1986 Garland, TX Thursday
I just asked someone to do me a little favor and they were like, yeah, no. Damn. Is expecting people to do you a little favor once in awhile asking too much?! Apparently, w/e I am over it. They be.

We washed clothes today!!! 😀 Brian, Pam, Frannie, and I went to Braums for lunch. I had a ½ pound hamburger and a banana split 😀 What a pig, I know

Lisa sucks! She would rather sleep than something else 😀 I get it. I am feeling pretty wore out too, honestly. Told Frannie she could sit with me tonight. Oh crap, the twitching. Oh well, no take backs now. Why do I always forget. I know why 😀

We WHOOSHED!!! Tonight, 79.00 Beat Troopers and Sky Ryders

Sharon shocked the hell out of me with a kiss leaving the bus going to warm ups before the show.

August 1, 1986 Jackson, MS Friday
When I finally fell asleep, actually had good bus sleep for the first time in forever!

Like is good again. Had a bowl of Cheerios, a bowl of Trix, 2 cinnamon rolls and a donut 😀

Brian N. likes activities where large flaming men can excel!

Birmingham, AL
We got off the buses and went straight into stretch/warm-ups, then running block. After that we got our stuff off the buses. Me and my buddies then did our workout.

Frannie is such a doll. Consistent 😀

Finally had that chat with Cindy. She didn’t say anything after, just stared, smiled, and smiled, and smiled. Finally walked away, but stopped, turned, smiled again. Guess that went well 😀 I will ask again later.

Jerry is so cool. He keeps me from being too serious when he’s around. Wish it were easier for us to keep in contact with each when we get home.

There is really not enough room for all the boys in this band room. We all have our luggage in the hall and we literally piled up on top of each other in here. I wonder where they put the girls, choir room?

You know who really trips me out?, people that know me and still want to talk to me and still be my friend 😀

DCI South tomorrow. We are going to OWN that field!

August 2, 1986 Birmingham, AL Saturday
We did our workout this morning, no rest between sets. We are getting A LOT stronger. Had corps warm-ups right after. WHOOSH!!!!!

We are going to light Prelims on FIRE!!!

I slept next to Dave H last night. He told me while we were in the breakfast line that I rolled over onto him and spooned him. Hmm, w/e Drum Corps. Men in prison. We have been through a lot of shit together these past 4 years.

I just want to be awesome. That’s all 😀

Passing by Michelle, I touched her 😀 Oooooh hooooo 😀

Kenny has a date with the band director. In the band room we are playing a game. There’s a huge picture of the school band and we are shooting darts at it. Whoever’s face you hit, that’s your date. I know, real mature. w/e Passing time

Cindy is not feeling well. OMG she’s so hot. Just the right combination of everything 😀

I want chocolate

Lisa came by, said HI, exceptionally cheerful. Hmmm, yeah, figured that out, but we’ll see

I just want to be great!

(2013 comment: crazy mood swing again!) I just had a scary feeling. I could walk away from all this right now and not care at all. Real scary. I don’t know why?! That’s why I go on tour, because I DON”T KNOW!! I have got to get my shit together. Realistically, I will always be maxing my gig around others who are clueless. I cannot slip. I cannot loose my edge. I cannot let the lesser efforts of others effect mine. I still have to keep my fires burning HOT!!!

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