DCI Summer Tour ’86 Part 3

August 3, 1986 Gatlinburg, TN Sunday
Hi! Wasn’t sure if I was going to make an entry today. We pulled in really early in the morning, went right into a 4 hour ensemble, but then they are giving us the rest of the day off 😀

Not much to do here

Bought Lisa a plushy teddy bear with a heart on its belly 😀

Oh yeah, to be consistent me and my workout buddies kicked out a set before showering and getting on the bus. Badass

Even though there is not much to do, just walking around, chilling by the crick, walking around more, it’s all good. Running into people here and there and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves 😀 People look nice too, all dressed up and stuff

There’s a funky vibe in the corps right now; things could go either way at this point. Maybe that’s why we got the afternoon/evening off. Let us clear our minds

Got back to the buses early. Lisa was already there, told me to go to my seat 😀 oh well, not tonight

What are we waiting for?! OMG G.C. was holding the buses because he thought I was still out there 😀 didn’t know I came back like an hour early

Damn! I am wired! ‘cause I’m alive, I’m a live wire!

We need throw down a great show next time we hit the field or we are Fd!, I’m Fd! We need to deal with this very effectively, thank you very much!

August 4, 1986 Seymor, TN Monday
Lights were out at 12, but they got us up at 7AM for warmups? No one was late but a lot of people were dragging

OMG Greg (Brass Caption head) ran across the arc after one of the sops called him a dickwad! I was like, OMG Louie is gonna get socked! Instead Greg puts his hands on either side of Louie’s head and kisses him, ON THE LIPS!!! WTH!!!!! My head is still spinning

TOUR IS WEIRD!!!!! I am emotionally scarred 😀


Meeting: someone/people have been stealing bags of ice from the store next to the school. Wow, glad that’s over and that people take responsibility when called out.

August 5, 1986 Seymor, TN Tuesday

Feeling a little better. Ensemble rehearsal was semi-productive

Doesn’t feel like a show day. Not a lot of hype happening

Wow. So we beat Troopers again and everyone is like, oh we had a good show. Bullshit, I didn’t think it was a good show

I am happy I packed my cooler 😀

Another meeting. I am too old for this shit. That’s right shit. But then, life can be shit. But this isn’t life, it’s drum corps 😀 Glad this is my last year (2013 note: at this point my college was planning a summer tour the next year through Europe that I was planning on going on)

Lisa has been really sick these past few days. No bueno

F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F,

Maybe some sleep will make me feel better. Yeah right.

August 6, 1986 somewhere in AR Wednesday
Slept well, don’t feel well still, but slept well. Cloud burst interrupted our stay at this rest stop. G.C. said this would have been a good place to workout.

Drum corps is so glamorous! So the restrooms had automated everything. WTH, I am in Arkansas?!

We have had to deal with a lot of crappy weather. Seriously has effected the quality of what rehearsal time we have had

Brain lied to me. Didn’t believe him in the first place; well, kinda, but oh well. He’s with Pam now. Good for them 😀

Michelle and Jennifer just shared some of the goodies with me! 😀 They’re so sweet 😀

We have been on this bus WAY too long. I can tell we have made numerous wrong turns

We’re here, Spring field, MO Got off the bus, quick warmup then right into run thrus. It was late and getting dark. Got 1 ½ runs in before we had to stop. We went inside and did sectionals for a while then called out ticks to play threw the show. We all tick

Damn! Cindy’s really sick too, now

August 7, 1986 Springfield, Mo Thursday

Still doing two sets. It is kicking our ass, but we are getting through it

I am really getting too old to be doing drum corps. I need to kick my attitude in the ass. Everyone’s attitude seems to be getting extreme

9 more days. I miss normal people

Pete and Frannie are together 😀 Sweet. If I was a drummer I would play bass drum and I would hang with Pete. I like Pete 😀

Me, Kenny, and Jerry hung out tonight

Wondering about Michelle and Jennifer; Wondering if they are coming back next year. It is people like them that have kept me coming back every year 😀

The last couple of years with this corps have been rough. If I wasn’t going to Europe next year I would do another corps; I am so done with this one.

Had our best show of the year!! WHOOSH!!!!, but still lost to Sky Ryders. In fact Sky Ryders beat everyone in GE visual! A lot of people were seriously bumming after awards and a lot of people are still bumming now. Really, get over it

Debrah takes my journal and writes: “Hi Ray. Drum Corps sucks. You are being very obnoxious!” She came to sit with me, and well…

Brian just shared a most excellent cookie with me! 😀

August 8, 1986 Ankeny, IA Friday
I was a jerk last night. Persistence. I don’t know about myself sometimes

Kenny was with Kathy last night, and now he’s bumming?! Really?! Oh, he’s not bumming; he’s just really tired from not getting any sleep

Wow! I am seriously having to kick my ass everyday. Keep myself in check. Need to PERFORM

Wonder if there will be time to hit Godfather’s later. OMG Happi, ’84 “want some pizza?” 😀

They served us something that was like Mexican type food. Survey says——–5

Time to rehearse——WHOOSH!!!!

OMG someone is messing with the lights. Different faces, same people

I thrashed my horn today. I snapped it up and literally every brace broke and a pile of silver/brass tubes fell at my feet. Too much working out? Maybe in the past I would have hyped on that, but I was seriously bummed that I couldn’t play. So weird watching horn rehearsal from the sideline

I feel so old

August 9, 1986 Ankeny, IA Saturday
Had our best show EVER My body was BUZZING, people were hyped!!! Funny, 27th Lancers still

Debrah takes my journal and writes: “Hi Ray!”

beat us by .8

So far: in no particular order, BD, SCV, Suncoast Sound, Spirit, Cavies, Star, Madison, Phantom, Cadets, Troopers, 27th, Sky Ryders, VK Oh no; this could be a problem

August 10, 1986 Stillwater, MI Sunday
Lisa was feeling better and it went well last night 😀

Had an awesome cheese omelet this morning and two PB&Js 😀

We really need to start making it happen during rehearsals or we are going to be watching finals. Whoever beats us now, I am going to assume deserves it. WE HAVE TO BE BETTER

The school we are staying at had no field so they took us to some random field, surrounded by some beautiful houses. 😀

I am getting really tired of inconsistent people. If killing wasn’t a felony. Paul says I have been giving off a really strong negative vibe. I thought the run thru sucked. Staff seemed happy with it. What do they know; all that matter is what you think or feel as a person. I think we are an immature and inconsistent drum corps. We still might be good enough not to be denied a spot in finals. Consistency is hard

Kept sprinkling during rehearsal. Big poofy clouds separated by big patches of royal blue sky 😀 Oh God, it’s raining, but I’m not complaining 😀

Me, Kenny, and Brian went to the market before lights out. Saw AnnMarie and Cindy in the same aisle 😀

Troopers and Sky Ryders are going to be at the next show. That will definitely be interesting/ We’ve got to be so good we CAN”T be denied

Cindy has been looking at me funny the past few days. I don’t know why I am surprised by that. I will deal with that later, very effectively, thank you 😀

It was a really weird show tonight. I had trouble feeling any kind of consistent energy. Robert and Doug were blowing some shit so bad, stuff that they have never beforet, there were brown streaks were all over the field! When they announce 81.3 I thought that was us. When they said 84.2, I thought, okay. Troopers? Us 84.4? Okay I will take it 😀

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