DCI Summer Tour ’86 Part 4

August 10, 1986 Stillwater, MI Sunday
*back at the school* A lot of horn dudes wore eyeliner tonight. W/E I am not changing anytihng about my gig, except to keep getting better, more focused, more intense these last few days

Lights out at 1, up at 9. I can see staff getting ready to go out. W/E

Kenny says that I have given him more confidence as a person and as a performer. That’s cool. It’s neat feeling and knowing that you’ve touched someone’s life 😀 He has meant a lot to me also this summer. We have learned so much this summer about life 😀

There have been a few people that have come up to me and told me I have been mean to them/ignored them all season. Gotta love my consistency 😀 I actually appreciated those comments

There were some cool guys in the battery this summer, had I been one, I would have hung out with: Dave H, Wayne, Pete, Kevin, John W.

Aaaahhhh. Lights just went out. 5 more days

I wish Lisa, ah no I don’t, ah yes I do, but that’s not the point. I don’t even know what the point is. If I did know————————-I WOULDN’T BE HERE TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 11, 1986 Stillwater, MI Monday
It’s a new day, brother! 😀

People are so stupid. They thought just because we jumped over three points we must have have an awesome show. Stupid people. Some people live in totally different worlds.

Were still here.So’s Frannie, what a babe 😀

Chris C cleaned the bus this morning! 😀 That is so really awesome!!!!!! He is sooooo cool! Love that guy! We need more people in the corps like him! PERFORMER INITIATIVE!

Lisa is sick, again. A lot of people have been getting sick, getting better, getting sick again all tour. STAY OUT OF THE AIRCONDITIONING DURING THE DAY PEOPLE!!!!! It gets so hot and humid, 90s, 100s then the gyms are like in the 60s. Shocks the body, figure it out. Look who doesn’t get sick

Missy asked me what is going on between me and Lisa. I said, I don’t know

Had a great show tonight. Lori gave me a kiss on the cheek getting off the bus before the show. So when Michelle, Jennifer, Debrah, Debbie, Kathy, Sharon, Maylee, and Frannie went by me, I gave them all a kiss too 😀

August 12, 1986 Middleton, WI Tuesday
Lisa came and sat with me last night, but I was in one of my moods again, so we didn’t do anything. I don’t know if I will feel like doing anything with her anymore, don’t know if I will have an opportunity. But it won’t matter if I am not interested. I can’t handle the stress it causes her (2013 note: she wrote me a letter later, explains a lot)

Wow, what a funny way to start the day 😀

Rehearsal went EXTREMELY well

Went and had pizza this afternoon with Kenny and Kathy

I am expecting large crowds watching our rehearsals and run thrus.

We are still adding visuals to the show 😀 Cool

I know I am in Madison now because I have BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of mosquito bites GET ME THE F OFF TOUR!!!!!!!

Normal people, that is all I want to be around right now

More parents coming out and hanging with the corps during finals week Care packages are getting passed out. OH COOL!!!! One for me 😀 Besides mine, there all a lot of cool parents that support this drum corps 😀

Thibear and Cindy are together.I had feeling, but I wasn’t sure. That’s cool 😀 I Like Thibear

I miss my normal friends back home. Get me the F off tour

Just saw some stupid people eating in the gym. Consistency, that is what I like, and they are. Grrrrrr

August 12, 1986 Middleton, WI Wednesday
COMPLETE LACK OF FOCUS IN THE MORNING WARMUP THIS MORING!!!!! I don’t know what was going on. I was extremely frustrated and walked away before hurting anyone. Ray is very stressed!!!!

Oh great. Now its pouring. Now everybody is stressing. Really? F the weather, get over it, deal with it. We can still get some stuff done. I can’t deal with some of these people much longer

Corps gets a night off tonight and are going downtown. Me and Kenny are staying back and doing laundry. Not that we need to. Again, just to have a variety and to get away from some people. Me too, I am sure many will be glad to not see me tonight. It’s cool. I be who I be.

Rehearsal ended up being really weird today. Definitely a nongroove day. Vizh cap got really pissed at us during that block and left the field. Don’t blame him. If I was him I would have done the same thing. I know, bad attitude, but there were way too many stupid errors.

August 14, 1986 Middleton, WI Thursday
People woke up really, really early today. My workout buddies wole up before me and did their sets already. I did mine alone, so what. It’s all good

Kenny and I washed last night and ate Micky D’s

Wow. We had a really, really, really productive rehearsal today 😀

August 15, 1986 Middleton, WI Friday

August 16, 1986 Middleton, WI Satuday

August 17, 1986 Middleton, WI Sunday
Wow. Interesting night after finals. Pam says she loves Brian. SO glad I will not be seeing many of these people ever again. Small favors are the best 😀 Celebrated after finals with Michelle. She was a great person to end the summer with 😀

This summer has definitely been interesting. I am sorry for being an emotional mess around you so much of this summer. I am sorry for being a bitch to you so many times when I should have been more kind and understanding. But you would be such a dick sometimes to me and it was the only way at the time for me to handle that. I am glad you understand where I have been coming from because of my situation with Eric (2013 note: her BF of the past 3 years or so. This girl was no silly 18 year old. She was 21, a year older than me)This tour has had my emotions and frustration level fluctuating like there is no tomorrow. I know that when I am not happy or when I am stressed about life or drum corps or whatever, I tend to share it with every one. Anyway I don’t like it when I am stressed and sharing it with every one, but I can’t hide it very well.

I am very amazed at how sweet you have been to me after such the bitch I have been to you. You have an extraordinary personality and I appreciate that. You seem to hide your emotions a lot too, and that has been frustrating at times. I don’t know how you do it

Thank you so much for being concerned about me when I was sick. It was nice having someone care when no one else could really give a shit.

A few days ago you asked me if I was going to miss you. Well, I think that I am. You have really helped me look at life and other people in a totally different perspective. Basically that it doesn’t matter what others think. It is what is inside you that matters. I knew that, but I think you and Greg Clark really made sink in. Don’t think this is all bullshit because it isn’t. And like you said, I will probably look back on this tour and remember you as this guy that I had fun with on the bus every once in awhile. I hope you don’t have any harsh feelings about me

Anyway, thank you for an interesting, fun, intense summer.

Love you, Lisa

Raymond Arthur,
Tour—-what a concept. These have been the most enlightening 4 weeks of my life. I am sure you can relate to that if you think back to your rookie days. I am awfully glad I was on bus 4. I made so many special friends; yes, you are one. I hope you change your mind and decide to come back next year, but whatever makes you happy. But that doesn’t mean you have to stray from the VK scene – jellybean. Always be in hearing range of some VK stud who yells “Beach Party” and meet us by the smoke stacks!

It’s 8/17 and we are on the road home. Yes we – you, me, Malcolm, Julie, Lisa, Kathy, Bob R., Charles, Nancy, Dave M, Dave B – need I go on The ending of this book is much more unexpected for me anyways!! The tour horror stories were true, but were subject to modification (sounds neat, huh?!) What was your favorite state Sunnyboy? I personally like Colorado, of course. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home – ah gimme a break!!!! I ‘m Sky Ryder sick – sure it was cute (wizard of oz show) – but we were better – and if the judges had looked at our individual members they would have seen WE”RE A BUNCH OF SUPER CUTE BABES! And from a female’s standpoint, the male portion of the corps ( yes, you and your male friends and others) are a bunch of babes too. From a male’s stand point check out our sexy color guard – mind you we’re not all sexy ( I’m the cute one) but everyone else are either babes or really hot looking, except maybe 4 people, but 28 out of 32 that’s 98.5% isn’t bad, eh

I will drop all that political stuff. I am just glad we made finals. Think of all the corps that would kill to make top 12 – and anyways December is a nice month. Well all I can say is Drum Corps rules! I am so glad I marched and performed! But the best part was all the friends I made- good friends – (are you blushing, honey?) I know you know what I mean. I know next year if most of us come back we can be even better – I can feel it in my bones – how about you? You know how I feel about you coming back, if not, see page 1! I hope to see you.

Well after the problem with in Iowa with the police I’m never eating corn again! I’ll protest until the day I die, wait, I’ll go a step further – I won’t eat anything yellow; wait, I won’t wear anything yellow, okay here’s the final word, I’m through with all things yellow! No, I guess that won’t work – I won’t be able to WHOOSH at the yellow sun – okay there’ll be one exception.

Always remember “(DQ) Blizzards are better than sex!”

With Love, Debbie

Dearest Ray,
Goddammit Ray, I’m so overwhelmed with happiness that you are my close friend. You are so very sweet and all that that makes up the perfect gentleman. I can’t believe I’ve only known you for a short time and yet I feel this way about you. I really wish that you would come back next year, but I guess a trip to Europe is more important to you than I am. I am watching you looking in your bag and now you are changing your shirt. These next few days going home I am going to really cherish. I’ll be excited to see you and everyone at banquet! I’m sure, I am already talking about banquet!

You know what? After tour you and I should go out dancing!

I am watching you and Kenny talking, and you’re laughing and smiling. I just realized how beautiful your smile is. There is a sad song on the radio and it feels like it’s made for you and me in some special way. All the little talks we’ve had will stay in my mind forever. I keep wondering if there is someone as special as you are in every corps. If there is anyone who associates with them will be touched

I Love You, Michelle

Hey man,
What a summer. You know what I mean, seriously. We’ve been through a lot together. I’m glad you were around this summer. Really I wonder if I am going to do this again next year. Anyway, I wasn’t going to write anything but I wanted something for you to remember me by besides your own writings. But come to think of it after you read this and read your own writing it’ll probably remind you of the same stuff. So why am I here writing? Oh well, I am going to write a list of people and things that most affected me this summer: Sharon, Gatinburg, Lisa, Ray’s journal, Brian, Madison, Coors Light, Kathy, Greg Clark, hype, water under the bridge, Mississippi, frustration, BD, girls, consistent people, rest stops!, Frannie, hot color guard, workouts, finals, after finals, Jerry, Maylee.

I remember when you told me something you wrote that said you and I were changing. You know, I don’t think we really did, it just seemed like it. I think we will probably be the same people when we get back home and off tour.

So Ray, I have a feeling this was our last year in drum corps together, but who knows. I had fun, I think? Ryan T told me a little while ago that he hopes I don’t march this Drum Corps next year, to go somewhere better. It made me think that he’s right. But if people like me and you leave this drum corps it will never get better, and I want this drum corps to kick ass. I think of all the awesome vets we marched with as rookies, that never got to make finals, they helped this corps get to where it is now, we’ve made finals 3 times now, but we can make it better! F yeah! Thanks for all the help this summer, you’ve been a great friend

Kenny, the other half of the GQ duo!

There were a few more letters, but they were of the same basic nature in content 😀

And, please comment or share! 🙂 I would appreciate that.

Thank you 🙂

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