Dating, Relationships, Expectations, Love, Questions you should ask someone you are Dating :D

How about “do you like me, or do you like, like me?” 😀

Giving the readers what they want 😀

Posted a few what I thought were meaty posts. Yeah, not so much. My daily blog views are mainly by people looking for information or stories involving dating, relationships, love, etc. 😀

So here’s some red meat!

Some of you readers know I have two friends that I see from time to time that are women. One is a dedicated bachelorette the other I “dated” when she was single. I have had a handful of traditional relationships and few less traditional relationships. Went on a date with someone a weekend or so ago, enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY and am looking forward to seeing her again, but just for the conversation. Since adolescence, I think I have had consistently good communications with the opposite gender, and am good at reading the non-verbals that are really the majority of our communications. Point is, I’d like to think that I would know if someone like, liked me or not.

How I missed the clues during the relationship I am about to speak of I can only say, 22 year old guy, not the sharpest 😀


We had a few classes together in college during my sophomore and her junior year in college. We became friends. Pretty girl, great figure; that is what initially attracted my attention. We’d have lunch on campus now and then, I really enjoyed our conversations. We had one night class together and I would walk her to her car, at some point started sending her off with a hug. I don’t remember how much we talked on the phone, but I do remember did, and the calls became more frequent and longer.

Okay, at this point, having never detailed or thought about this in such a long time I feel like an idiot. Obviously, now, for whatever reason, I was not interested in a physical relationship. As I have said before, I have ALWAYS been very particular about when and how I would ever cross that line.

I really like Laura’s company and we began spending more and more time together away from school. Movies, lunches, dinners, just walking around here, there, talking. Probably an objective observer would say we were flirting with each, but in defense, aren’t you “extra nice” to people you find attractive? I just don’t think the formula is: give someone extra attention = I want your body. Whatever.

No hand holding, no excessive touching, no long looks in the eyes. Definitely no random kissing (what, that hasn’t happened to you) Nothing, just two friends, hanging out, having fun.

So for her graduation party, Laura has this shindig at her house. She lives at home and her parents own a property that is a square block, with a house sitting on three of the corners. In the middle of the property is this huge park-like awning and under that are benches, tables, and a huge BBQ pit. In between all that and the houses are gardens, orchards, and just some of the best landscaping I have ever seen. About 100 people are at this party, a pretty even mix of friends and family.

At some point after the meal and before Happy Cake, Laura’s mom takes me by the hand and proceeds to give me a tour of the property. We start at the main house, proceed to the brother’s house, tour the various gardens, ponds, and such then we get the house on the opposite end of the property.

I can still see it in my mind

We enter, but don’t proceed further. It doesn’t quite look like a garage, but it is clearly being used as storage as no one lives in it. Laura’s mom, honest to God, tells me, “and this will make Laura and someone a very nice house,” then squeezes my hand. As calmly as I could I look at Laura, who is smiling. This was clearly planned.

Ever seen Get Smart, the way all those doors close behind him. Yeah

I probably didn’t handle that as calmly as I thought. I know the phrase, “I gotta get outta here,” rang over and over the rest of the night in my head. I was probably giving off an anxious vibe that Laura sensed, too. The emotional hijacking occurred around 5:30pm-6:00pm. I waited until past midnight. About 10-12 people were left; close family and friends.

“Well, gotta go now.” Thanked those who were left, hugged, shook hands, whatever seemed appropriate. Laura’s face was almost panicked; “Where are you going? Why are you leaving now?” My response was I was going home as it was getting late. Not what she wanted to hear; not sure if she heard me at all because she repeated the same questions, over and over; “Where are you going? Why are you leaving now?”

As I proceed to my car, her script might have changed, but it really didn’t matter at that point. I hadn’t even looked at her since announcing my departure. I was getting in my car, and I was going home. As I settle into the driver’s seat I lower the window. Her last words to me were, “If you leave now, you can never come back.” I think for a moment, why I am not sure; maybe to give her a moment to think of something better to say. I would think at that point she would have known me better than to throw down an ultimatum. After several moments pass, I say, “okay,” roll up the window and drive off.

She called me three or four times. Never took her calls. I didn’t understand that either.

Probably should have declared myself a dedicated bachelor at that point, but did get into two more relationships that had the potential for marriage, ending both of those when I realized the positives of that type of relationship did not outweigh the negatives it would have on me as a person.

I love people, I love working with people, I love helping people, I love being with people, but at the end of the day, I prefer to be alone 😀

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