Random Thoughts Filled with Love :D

The posts I have of posted with tour journal entries and letters people have written me I thought were interesting (The original thought about this was I am surprised at how low the viewership has been to these posts), but then I guess I should find them interesting πŸ˜€ How many people, though, are not interested in their own life, or have thought they are not interesting people, or have done anything in their life they are exceptionally proud of. Quite a few, I imagine.

Speaking of Imagine; I imagine there would have been a Beatle reunion had not John Lennon been killed, and before George Harrison died. Anyone hear about somebody working on doing a virtual Beatle reunion, using vintage footage of George and John, with Paul and Ringo performing on stage?

Digressing back to assassinations; anyone hear about the theory that it was the CIA that accidently killed JFK? Before that I do remember the fact of hearing, and seeing photographs, of a CIA officer cleaning the interior of the car JFK was shot in, while it was parked at the hospital, before ANY evidence could be gathered.

So this post is going to continue to be completely random πŸ˜€

Not so long ago a young person, male, about 15/16 was telling me about his girlfriend, the things they do together with her family, and how he goes to her church now too and participate in activities there. Then he gets to asking me questions about girls, relationships, etc., in general. I answer a few of his questions, and they keep coming. At one point I ask him why is he asking me all these questions. His answer was that he admired me and hoped when he grows up to become someone like me


I am still waiting to grow up πŸ˜€

Speaking of kind words; I realized after the fact that 2 girls that indicated they are going to participate with Impulse this coming season were convinced to do so by a girl who participated last summer πŸ˜€ She was the second youngest member of the color guard. We had mostly girls that finished their senior year of high school, and a couple of girls that were already in college. Peyton just finished her sophomore year. Things started out well with her, but Drum Corps is very difficult and challenging in many ways. She lost her bubbly attitude and the laughter and smiles that were so much a part of her during break-time completely disappeared. I started consistently encourage Alyson and Megan, two other girls in the guard, older, but always positive, and also rookies and struggling a little but making the best of it, to go and talk to Peyton. Not to encourage and/or pep talk, but to just keep her connected and engaged mentally/emotionally. I know very well how one can mentally/emotionally disengage from a group, even when people are literally surrounding you.

Any whose, after being in a funk for about 2 weeks, about mid-way through our 8 day Peyton started to regain the smile and bounce she had in her personality earlier in the season πŸ˜€ She told me at banquet she saw and recognized the effort I made to make sure she was looked after and cared for and that I helped make her experience an overall positive experience πŸ˜€

It is not just her. That is her perspective πŸ˜€ I want all of them, parents and staff too, to have a good experience. We are educators first, and that is what we do. I think, to our credit, the most important thing we do is to teach life skills. Life skill/lesson 101 is to look out for each other πŸ˜€

Back to the 2 new girls. I asked them what school they went to, not knowing yet. South Torrance, they said. Oh, Peyton goes to that school. Yes, she’s our friend, one says. Cool! I know she’s not in the guard this year, when you see her at school next week tell her Ray said hi. You’re Ray?! *happy smiley faces*

That was cool πŸ˜€

I was originally motivated to work with local marching bands to give Impulse more positive exposure, but I think working the recruiting booths has helped more. Staff can answer questions better and more specifically than members/alumni/parent volunteers.

I have had dozens of conversations with parents this season that ended with them telling me they will see me again at the Open House. They may or may not have come to the Open House otherwise. I think going into an unknown situation, having some questions answered firmly and knowing they will see a familiar face brings a degree of comfort πŸ˜€

HA! Although, at the other end of that thought; for the Magic to HAPPEN, we will be pushing their students OUT of their comfort zone πŸ˜€

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