Bullying, Relationships. Friends, Sisters, Getting Even :D

This whole NFL bullying story is amazing. I read a letter to the L.A. times editor (yes I am old, yes I still read a physical paper. I read books too *gasp* 😀 )The writer was comparing whatever he knows about the story to when he was in the army getting yelled at by his drill sergeant and by fellow soldiers. Really?! Call me crazy, but getting ready to potentially die and playing a game seem way too far apart to come even close enough to prepare.

I will digress. Many times you will hear players and coaches refer to the next competition or in quotes after a game refer to their efforts/energy needed to play a game as, “going to battle” or “going to war.” It’s a game. Let’s not get carried away people.

Sometimes, often, what was acceptable 10 years ago is not acceptable today. Sometimes what was okay yesterday is not okay today. Grown ups need to be grown ups. Encouraging, supporting the people around you needs to be just that: encouraging and supportive. Anything less is to deny humanity and decentness. Sports can be violent and extremely aggressive. I do not see those concepts being incongruous with humanity and decentness.

Back to bullying. I remember my first encounter with that in first grade. This kid Billy ( I know, funny, right?! 😀 ) jumped on my back and tried choking me. Maybe that was more just plain assault, but it lies somewhere in the bullying spectrum. I don’t remember who or how many people it took to pry Billy off me, but they did so quickly. Billy was soon sent somewhere to address those issues. I had done nothing to provoke such an attack.

In third grade, Greg Lord randomly came up to me during recess and started talking all kinds of smack to me. Again, maybe that is more just picking a fight, but that behavior too is on the bullying spectrum. Kids around me quickly jumped to my defense at whatever Greg was saying, and looking back now, you could have called their behavior as reverse bullying. Greg always seemed like an angry child. I was well liked by most/all of the other kids. I seem to recall Greg was not liked at all.

Ugh. Relationships, interactions between young, old, and everyone inbetween seem to be frought with complications 😀

I smile because that is all you can do, really. The world is crazy. Choose to have a positive attitude and make the best of what you can 😀

What I mean by bullying spectrum is that all behaviors exist on a sprectrum, from mild to severe. Mild bullying sounds oximoronic. Well, maybe an example of that would be a dismissive look like, ew, who do you think you are. I think that is a good example of mild bullying 😀

In my high school band an accepted “tradition” was upper classmen beating up or “trash canning” the freshmen, at least once. Some freshmen were “trash canned” multiple times. There was even an ATTEMPT, 😀 , by my friends, most of which were upper classmen, to beat me up. I will post that incident some other time 😀

Talk about lack of understanding by grown ups. But it was a different time. That would never be acceptable at any high school now.

I have even experienced bullying in the home 😀

I smile because I knew it had nothing to do with me 😀

I knew at a very early age my sisters were not right in the head. Both enjoyed irritating me as I would give quite the reactions. The one closest to me in age would really really enjoy pushing my buttons until I would come charging at her in rage. Since she was physically superior to me for so many years, all she had to do was hold out her hand and hold me by the top of my head as I swang away furiously. Eventually I would wear myself out and give up.

One day my arm was just long enough 😀

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