Banging, Sweating, Menudo

Washed clothes earlier…

Wait, lemme back up

Been having a lot of work done in and around the house the past couple of months. The yards and gardens, my pride and joys have been severely neglected by me because of the men doing their work, equipment, materials interferring with getting anything done outside. Maybe that was just an excuse. Whatever. It is what it is right now 😀

After breakfast, went outside, took a sledgehammer to a couple of work tables that came with the house. I had been using them to hold, display a variety of potted plants and flowers. I made some new plant stands and wanted to put those in place, and I wanted to move things around 😀

After a couple of hours of banging and sweating 😀 I was flithy 😀 Showered, changed and went to get 4 quarts of menudo. Before leaving I was brushing my teeth and drooled on my clean shirt. Not one to worry about such matters I left the house with the drool spot on my shirt, made no serious effort to dimish it. That’s how I roll. I was just going to get meudo 😀

The restaurant is CRAZEE!!! Apparently many large mexican families, large as in numbers, decided this Sunday they were all going to out and have menudo! I had come here last week, hardly anyone at all was here. Oh wait. Last week I came just before closing and today I was there around 2pm


It’s all good. Got my menudo for the week!

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