Performer Presence, Maxing it out, Life, Having Fun :D

I have always enjoyed working with certain people because they have “it.” They OWN the space they exist in. I was talking about that the other day with a friend. Certain teachers have it. Students will call it charisma, enthusiasm, a teacher excited about their subject/lesson: bringing energy to the moment.

Sometimes it is a natural function of that person’s personality. Sometimes it is something that has been developed through years of skills training; sometimes it is a combination.

I definitely think it is teachable 😀 I have taught it. Given an opportunity, I will teach it again (two weeks 😀 )!

It doesn’t even need to be larger than life on a stage. It can be subtle, like two people in a hospitality tent; watching another person’s snack and beverage levels dwindle and getting them freshies 😀 be in the moment, looking out for another person; being human, maxing it out 😀

Yup! Maxing out the snacks and drinks 😀

Being consistent; being real. Well, real to yourself – real to myself 😀

Don’t take my kindness, thoughtfulness personal. I gotta be me

I still more often than not walk through store parking lots as if I am entering a stadium with 40,000 people, about to perform my show. I get a lot of interesting looks most of the time. People whose attention I catch just stare and their expression is priceless. I can see many of them are wondering why they can’t look away 😀

I am not doing anything really out of the ordinary, except I am lifted – as tall as I can be, good posture, rolling my feet, taking a straight line path, using peripheral vision, and smiling and nodding at anyone whose attention I catch 😀 Okay, that does sound out of the ordinary 😀

Whatever, just having fun 😀

Yeah, life can’t always be fun; but taking little “insignificant“ moments and having fun is what I think life is. Enjoying each moment, making them significant. Nothing, no one is insignificant 😀

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!

Okay, 12,000 blog views on Sunday! Yay! Just over 925,000 overall now. Set to pass 1,000,000 blog views next Monday or Tuesday 😀

Thank you for sharing readers.

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