Friends, Communication, Love, Lies

“The fire that warms us all”

That was a quote from a friend to me, about me, a few years ago. It was at the end of a conversation I was having with a mutual friend of ours that she made that comment. I had just finished telling him he was going to have to end his vacation early and come to a rehearsal 400 miles away. He was starting to believe me and started to break mentally, that’s when I told him I was just kidding. My friend was with him and texted me that quote, and that I was brilliant


It has been a while since I spoke with that friend. She called me about 6 weeks ago, and I was not in the mood to talk. I have not called her back since.

I texted her once a few months ago and she told me that I send her texts, and then she used a word that means something like “at the best possible moment,” but it was just one word. Anyone know that word? 😀 I looked it up at the time, but have since forgotten that word

I could just call her and ask 😀 That would be too easy 😀

Another friend sent me a message the other day about why I haven’t talked to her for a long time

Because I don’t like people 😀

Actually, she’s got a great “new” (6 months ago?) boyfriend, and a new job very recently. I thought I should give her space. We had spent quite a bit of time together in the year prior to her new BF, mostly on the phone and by text. Of course she usually initiated the communication 😀 I am forever the 20% 😀 We would also hang out from time to time, last being in the middle of July. I think about her from time to time; that’s as far as that has gone 😀

Also got a message from a former student. She is applying to a UC and needs a letter of recommendation 😀

I wrote one a few months ago for another former student seeking a teaching gig 😀

“The fire that warms us all”

Funny how different people have different perceptions of me *making a big circle above my head with my arms* SUPER *******! 😀

What do you believe. What others tell you? What you know? What does anyone really know? Lord knows I don’t know 😀

Paradigms 😀

A post I made in my blog almost a year ago has received over 100 views the last two days?! My guess is some teacher gave an assignment with PARADIGMS as the topic and some kid googled it and they shared it with their friends

Sharing is caring 😀

There is only so much of me that I can share. Sometimes that is more painfully obvious than at other times

In the news recently was about a woman, in her 20’s-30’s (they didn’t give her age, just saw her in courtroom video) who was putting ads in senior magazines, looking for “love.” She was in court being charged with swindling an 81 year old man out of money

Stupid horny old men

Last thing I need is “love” 😀

I know what the Beatles say

They LIE! 😀


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