Tired, Hot, Hungry, but still able to Smile :D

I have seen this several times. Basically people were asked what word sounds dirty to them but it is really just a normal word


I have worked with an instructor in the past that for some reason or other thinks the word crotch is offensive, or can be taken as offensive.

Here’s the context: When moving from set to set each person has a dot. Depending on the form, its relation to a yard line, and/or the judges’ view from the top of the stadium, either one of that person’s feet or crotch will be over that dot. When it’s the crotch that needs to be over the dot, I will tell a student, crotch on dot. Three syllables, slightly less than the 5 syllable phrase “center of body on dot.”

1. a place where something divides, as the human body between the legs.
2. the part of trousers, underwear, etc., where the two legs or panels join.
3. a piece of material serving as a juncture between the legs or panels of trousers, underpants, etc.

For whatever reason this other instructor made up an acronym COB for “crotch on dot” (when it should have been COD. )The students were annoyed with the acronym and felt it was not age-appropriate, considering most of them were/are high school aged, many even in their first year of college.

Being the trouble maker that I am 😀 I encouraged them, any time he used the term COB to describe their body position in a set to set transition, to all respond CROTCH, loudly 😀 After they did this a few times he asked them to stop, for fear their behavior would get him in trouble.

I see his point. Anything taken out of context can get anyone in trouble

These kids are working long hard hours, day after day in the summer. A moment of levity lifts the spirits and makes everything and everyone a little better

Being the good kids that they are, they stopped yelling CROTCH when he said COB 😀

So I made up another game 😀

Running a rehearsal I found myself saying reset, again. After doing it a couple of times, I realized I was repeating myself. Resetting and asking them to do the same thing again was repetitive. I asked members to yell CROTCH anytime thereafter if I said “reset, again.” Of course I did it on purpose a few times 😀 Seeing hot, tired, hungry kids smile once in a while is good for everyone.

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