Love, Love, Love

Not sure what to make of yesterday, or even if I should

People seem to respond to me very positively, very consistently

There is no secret to that, by the way

I even noticed strangers yesterday noticing that. I had several dozen conversations with small gtroups of students and a few individually. Afterwards, a handful of times, strangers standing nearby would comment to me when the students left, something to the affect that I “really connected with those kids,” or that I “made a very strong (positive) impression,” or “I have touched a lot of lives and will be remembered” 😀

Yeah, not my goal

I hate suck

A lot of people suck

A lot of things suck

Sammy Hagar said “There’s only one way to rock!”

There’s only one way to live

The right way

It’s not about you, it’s not about me; it’s about US 😀

There were some very strong emotional moments yesterday that took all of my self control to keep my emotions in check

I have been doing that for so long, I am quite good at it 😀

Except when I am not


(Impulse Tour: 2013)


I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Thinking of different ways to respond to my feelings, maybe letting others know how I really felt

But then, I thought…

It’s nto about you, it’s not about me; It’s about US 😀

Sometimes US is the past, sometimes the present. Future US, hmmm, too intangible to speak of 😀

Did I mention AnnMarie is a beatiful woman? Hi AnMarie 😀

I know I said the Beatles lied the other day 😀 They are right, and I was kidding 😀

All you need is Love

Don’t look for it. It will find you. It always does

Live right. Be in the moment with who ever you are with.

I believe

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