Dating, Love, Liquid Awesome, Ridiculously Amazing!!!

I have an ice cream date with Sarah this week 😀

I have a “what ever the lady says” date with Arwen next week 😀

I love those ladies 😀

Been beating myself up physically very well the past couple of years, just because. I am in good aerobic shape, but really need to drop a few more pounds. My latest thing is bike riding. Went for a 3 hour ride yesterday; nothing too hilly. It was mostly slight inclines and declines, went about 30 miles 😀

Liquid Awesome!

My arms feel it way more than my legs, I lean hard forward a lot 😀

Trying to decide how to approach this weekend. Thinking about driving to Riverside. One thing is certain, Sunday is going to be ridiculously awesome! 😀

The original plan I had in mind was to talk about stuff for about 5 minutes before getting into direct instruction, but with limited time and wanting to get reps in before they break off into sectionals, I am going right into windows 😀

The plan in my mind calls for 60 horns and 60 for the battery, either way, I am planning for 120 total and will grid a field for 130 😀

There is a little bitty blue paint and a little bitty white paint, but plenty of orange and green. Gonna paint orange yard lines and 2’s, and green splits and 4’s

I expect to see most of the people that signed up at the recruiting booths 😀

Vizh drill/exercise is all about pace size and front to back/side to side awareness

‘nough said!


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