Thanksgiving, Emotions, Friendship, Performance

Well I took some time off as last week was busy with lots of goings on 😀

Thanksgiving was interesting. The day got started with lots of personal messages and texts from friends wishing a Happy Thanksgiving. Got into several “conversations” with some, especially the friends I haven’t seen in a few weeks or months. Funny how when you are emotionally close to some people it seems like time stands still between conversations 😀

I had a minor epiphany the other day. I know it is going to seem completely logical, but I had never given it much thought.

Emotional compatibility

You know how sometimes “they” say how opposites attract, or that the reason two people make a great couple is because they are so much alike? It’s not about personality contrast/compatibility that makes a good relationship; it’s emotional compatibility 😀

It’s why I am comfortable with many different people. I am very compatible with lots of people.

Speaking of…

I said a long time ago that if one or both of the best friends I have right now never called or wanted to hang out again, I would be cool with that…I am finding that I am. Last time I saw one of them, mid-July, they were 3 or 4 months into a new relationship. Something she really needed, very healthy, very stable relationship in all ways. I miss seeing her and talking to her, but I saw or read somewhere that missing someone is just another part of moving on 😀

Of course I could call her 😀 That would not be consistent with the 20%/80% rule 😀

Thanksgiving with the family was a blast. I got seated at the “boys” table. Teenagers basically 😀 There was a girls table and two grownups tables. All total was about 35-40 people, I didn’t actually count. That is the usual number; big family. It figures too, that I would know so many kids that also go to one of my cousin’s high school; people that he knows also. 6 degrees 😀

Going back to emotional compatibility, a friend several years ago called me “the fire that warms us all.” I am thinking, right now, she may have been more than right. My emotions are like a fire, but a fire can’t burn eternally, except the Olympic Flame 😀 It is natural for fires to go out and be restarted. Guess that’s what makes my relationships so quirky; that I emotionally separate myself in between conversations and hangs. Meh, whatever

I have been thinking about how to get more performance out of my performers. I have some ideas I need to marinate more and start writing some ideas down, moving and shifting words and phases to create the most impact 😀

Thank you readers. Please comment or send me topic suggestions, It can’t be all about me 😀

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