Communicate, What is your Intent?, Do you have the Strength to be Ridiculously Amazing?! :D

Getting in the Drum Corps mode already. We had Open House about a week ago and the turn out and the vibe was very cool. Something I never thought of was asking the kids their preferred method of communication; about half marked “text”, the other half preferred email (and many of them also marked “text.”) Only 2 people put down FB, but I am guessing they are younger people and either don’t have text enabled on their phone or their texting is limited and down want Impulse using up their text limit 😀

I texted the ones that asked for text a thank you for attending the open house, a reminder of their nut fundraiser, dates for workshops/auditions, the fee, and that Impulse is off to a great season and glad they are a part of it. About 50% responded and they were all very positive. They had a great time and are looking forward to the January 12 workshop/audition 😀

Only 12 of the 100 or so people that indicated an interest in Impulse at the 4 band comps I was at actually showed up. I emailed the rest and told them what happened at the open house. This is a cut and paste of that email:
WE MISSED YOU!!! After a brief chat everyone went out to the field, well, except Pit. Pit did the Pit thing(: you know how that goes 😀 Guard, Battery, and Brass learned three drill exercises (not basics) in less than 40 minutes and performed a little mini drill! Then everyone went into sectionals. Guard learned some choreo and equipment work. Battery learned some beats and show music. Brass learned show music from 2 different shows. After that we all came together. Pit played music they learned. Guard performed their routine. Brass played some music. Battery played some beats, then the Brass and Battery did an ensemble of the end of last year’s closer! It was awesome!!! 😀 The boosters had cookies, cake, and juices for everyone afterwards! and MORE!(: Hope to see you in January when we have workshops/auditions the 12th, 19th, and 26th. Just $50 for all three days. We have a fundraiser already going. Go to if you want more details. Please respond to this message with at least 2 words. If you would like to receive information updates via text, respond to this message with your name and number. Many at the Open House indicated their communication preference was text. It’s all about having good communication!(: Missed you, hope to see you on January 12th! 😀

Again there was about a 50% response to this email. Either something came up and they were not able to attend, or they were already committed to something but either way they were planning on being there the 12th of January.

Several of the respondents either by text or email indicated they really appreciated the contact. I think that is going to be one of the keys this year in adding to the size of the group and having better consistency in attendance. I am very encouraged and excited about the upcoming season 😀

In response to the member surveys, in planning for the January 12, I have some ideas 😀

It is going to get real FAST!!! 😀

High Mark Time 😀
Yup, no more suck

We are going to start with the up in 4 down in 4 exercise;
Then will do a basic high mark time at an easy tempo for 4 counts, hold 4, 8 counts, hold 8, 12 counts, hold 12, etc. see their mental and physical limits; gather baseline data on how much they improve from event to event 😀

Shake it out

Then mark 4, turn to the left 4 (high mark time), mark 4, turn to the right four (high mark time), mark 4, halt. Do that a few times, increasing tempo

Time permitting we will go back to the Windows exercise from Open House

I need a little chat time with them, probably do that before we begin our activity. Get a good stretch to start it all, save running for next time. Warn them 😀 Chat with vets a few minutes at the very end

Key Words:

Okay, I am out people, got stuff to do 😀

Post topics for me to write about!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH Can’t always be about me! 😀

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