Sexual Assault

There needs to be a better way to describe this violent crime

Anytime the word sex is apart of anything, all kinds of bias’ and filters get in the way

There is no sex, sexy, or anything sexual in a sexual assault

It is power, domination, one person taking control over another, hurting them, humiliating them

I don’t know if any of you followed the situation with the Florida State quarterback the past few months. Google if you want details. 115 people who vote for the best college football player of the year felt strongly enough about the facts in the case against the QB they COMPLETELY left him off their ballots for this year 😀

Enough voters, mostly men I am sure, felt all that mattered in awarding that throphy is how well a person performs on the field. There really are no winners in this situation

Something just occurred to me. Some of those voters were no doubt in the same situation. Many of the voters are former star atheletes


Amazing what facts can be ignored or in some cases distorted by authorities when the person you are investigating is a star athlete for a major university, one you may be a fan of. For the record, no charges were filed; authorities felt they had insufficient or conflicting evidence. Never mind that only 4 pages of the 11 page medical exam after the rape were included in the final report. Never mind the victim’s blood was not tested for the date-rape drug. Nevermind local authories dropped the case, citing the victim’s refusal to cooperate (BALD FACE LIE) Nevermind the only reason the state took up the case a year later was due to media pressure

Anyway, back to the point. What is the point?

Violence against women

Emotional Trauma post. Yeah, been there

According to the lastest research, Google it if you’d like, 1 out of 4 women in their lifetime will experience some degree of sexual assault from their husband/spouse/boyfriend


I know I have talked about this with some (girl)friends on mine. They all are aware of the dangers out there. One friend, when we were walking across the campus where she works, I noticed the emergency phone stations you see on many college campus were very far apart. It was the middle of the day on a Saturday, and when I mentioned this to her, she reached into her purse and pulled out her rape whistle and can of mace. She also told me about self-defence classes she had taken and that if she walks to her car late at night she askes one of the security guards to escort her

How many guys ever have to walk to their car late at night and wonder if they might be attacked? Few I am sure. Guess it depends where you live too. Back to the point

I have another friend who I had lunch with recently. Her FB profile pic is her doing a Charlie’s Angels pose with a rather large handgun. I asked her about this (we hadn’t seen or talked to each other in years, a recent FB friending 😀 ) She very subtly made reference to a life event that caused her to get training and a permit to carry a firearm


I don’t remember if I posted this one story about me intervening during an assualt I witnessed when I was in HS. Without all the details, it was after a HS kegger party. I went for a walk to have ME time (yup, even back in the day) I wandered down a side street, saw a car rocking, heard and could see a girl struggling as some guy was pawing her, I opened the passenger door, pulled the girl out, she ran. Guy cussed me out and took off

I am feeling slightly depressed now

The young men I encounter/teach/instruct I have to believe that none of them would ever engage in anything but the most appropiate behavior with the females in their lives 😀 I do, however, think it would be a good idea for me to remind them to be more sensitive to the women/girls/females in their lives. I am sure I do make comments in that regard from time to time, but I should make longer and more deliberate comments about how women should be respected and the daily realities women deal with in regards to their safty


Thank you readers for the recent comment to past posts 😀 Feedback is always a good thing and you will always get a response from me, usually very brief 😀

Be safe all, look out for each other, hold hands 😀



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