Rock n Roll

Readers you are not giving me any topics to write about so today you get more blah blah blah about me 😀

Rock n Roll

I have written little bits and pieces about my time in a rock band so I may repeat some stories but I will try to cover some moments and thoughts not previously expressed

I think our first gig was a birthday party of some sort for someone in the guitar player’s family. We got paid in food 😀 It was that, or a backyard gig when our high school band was hosting another band from NorCal. That gig was definitely more interesting. I remember since the whole rock star experience was so new, all I could imagine as I performed was the Song Remains the Same, Led Zeppelin’s rockumentary. About half of the movie is concert footage and I did my best Robert Plant in that backyard that night 😀

Our first back yard paid gig with kegs, etc. no grownups and half friends and half strangers as an audience is a little too filled with debauchery to detail, but let me try 😀 mmmm wow, no, not going to happen 😀

We as a band barely rehearsed, mostly only in preparation for a gig. We had about 20/25 or so songs and 5 or 6 originals ( I am writing off the top of my head 😀 ) If the cops didn’t break up the party after 10pm, we would usually start sometime around 8pm, we would just play favorites the crowd would shout out. Some songs we would play 3 or 4 times in one night. We were all pretty funny and comfortable on the mics and would banter with each other between songs and or with the audience 😀

We were a good band. We even towards the end spent a summer playing rock clubs in Orange County. We would get half of the gate, from the people that brought in our flyers, would end up with $200 to $250 each night. We never got Saturday night slots but we got Thursdays and Fridays. We had to have been pretty good. I also think we were a charming group of young men and that had an appeal also 😀

Towards the end, for me, I was actually tiring of the whole groupie thing, guys and girls. I was becoming abusive also, pushing people’s tolerance of me (some things never change) I didn’t like the person I was becoming and/or the person people wanted and expected me to be. I quit

Immediately people were asking if I was going to start my own band or join another. They couldn’t get it that I was done and wanted nothing more to do with that scene. For so many it seemed like a dream experience, and it was, but they were on the outside looking in. They didn’t see the dark side that for better or worse is just part of Rock n Roll

It was a wonder I actually survived that experience. So close, so many times. Four friends died during my RnR days

Wow, little depressed now


Trying to think of something positive so I will end it with the fond memories of some amazing female companionship, almost all pg-13 😀 I have never been undisciplined in that regard


Shayy is the coolest would have enjoyed hanging at some of those gigs


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3 Responses to Rock n Roll

  1. princess says:

    hey…… find something like famous n crazy things to choose from..
    ur autobiography will be a gud thing.. I wanna know.. 😉
    also.. things happening around u, crazy things to do wen ur alone, etc.,
    U know I jog and dance when I feel boredom.
    what do u do when u feel bore?

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