Brief thoughts with Love :D

So wondering what to write about…


A thought I had this morning was to write about my parents and what qualities I think I inherited from them. Briefly: they both had a natural intelligence that they continually honed throughout their lives, always reading, always researching;  always asking questions big and small. They both are “people persons” who much preferred their time alone (God and his sense of humor) They both have the ability to make the person or people in front of them feel like they are the most important person/people in the world. It was not a false impression, they both have the ability to be master of the moment. They both can be nothing but honest in expressing themselves.  They both exude charm and charisma. They both are incredibly humble and see their purpose in life is to serve others 😀


Another thought I had was to tell some drum corps stories 😀 Plenty of time for that later 😀


I like that I commented “AIR HORN” on a FB post that a color guard instructor I have worked with the past couple of years was tagged in and that she “liked” my comment 😀 I had had a conversation with her early in the season about how whenever I  think about her, or whenever I see her, the sound of an air horn goes off in my head 😀 She smiled and said that was an oddly sweet thing to say 😀


Your daily odd compliment 😀


Oh I know. Another thing that crossed my mind was to talk about one of my cousins who goes to a local high school where a lot of students in the marching band have also marched with Impulse. I knew he went to that same school, I didn’t think he was in the marching band; turns out he was. So weird when different worlds collide. Last time, Thanksgiving,  the family got together I finally put two and two together. He knew the people I knew/know but they are 2 or 3 years older than him, so he knew some better than others.


I thought about a few stories where I had spontaneous conversations with complete strangers 😀 Some other time.


I find it very interesting that blog posts I made in the past pop up on daily views still. Very random. It is nice that I will occasionally reread some of these posts and amuse myself with thoughts and words I used to express myself at the time about a particular topic 😀 One of the reasons for my love of me time is to think and reflect about who I am, what I believe, and my view of the world. I love all three 😀 I don’t always feel the love back, but that’s okay 😀 It’s okay to not always feel the love, just know it is there and it will find you again soon 😀


Love you all. Thank you!

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