Young people inspire me :D

So I was talking with some young people today and in the end this is what I had to say:


“In seeking patience and trust, one has to listen to not only the words spoken to us, but in the spaces between the words. Just like music, the spaces between the notes are just as important as the notes. Listen to the voice that speaks in silence; for it is in the silence that our soul sees what is true”


I had lots of good things to say today 😀 Young people inspire me. All is still possible in the world, both good and bad, so that is exciting and scary at the same time 😀


I also talked to them about perspective. Most young people struggle growning up and struggle with their ever evolving relationship with their parents. They have no idea the emotional attachment a parent feels to a child 😀


It’s getting late and I still have to figure a dinner thing out. I got some suggestions for blog topics from Princess earlier today.:D Please make suggestions, I would appreciate the challenge!


Peace out 😀

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