Rose Bowl 2014 Stanford vs. Michigan State

Well then, long time no see 😀

Been busy with stuff the past few weeks

Rose Bowl 2014 Stanford vs. Michigan State: awesome day 😀

Words/Phrases of the Day: Men’s Lingerie, Fudgy Rum, Poor Man’s Big Mac

I went down to Anaheim to carpool with the Lopez Clan. The ride down the 57 was easy peasy! Well, it was just after 5am 😀 The 8 of us rolled out in two cars just after 6am. Ride into Pasadena was uneventful, except when we got near Pasadena more and more tour buses and school buses were crowding the freeway. You could feel a buzz in the air too. This is what happens when two international events happen back to back 😀

We stopped at Jack’s off the 210 and Arroyo to scoop up some more peeps. While we were waiting Jasper and Monse show up. Jasper is so out of it from New Year’s, he walks into the women’s restroom to pee, realizes it, but is too tired to care 😀 Then he texts me the fact?! Why?! Dunno XD Let the good times begin!

We park at the JPL lot and are shuttle bused to the stadium. Shit is getting more real. There are thousands and thousands of people. As we stand near the entrance to gather what I think was a total of 20 people (ok, I’ll count Yashira, BF, Monse, sister, Jasper, Robert, Alex, Pop, Matt, Ruben, Israel, Carol, David, McTavish Pop, Mom, Son, Tom, David, Me, Elliut) (Yep 20) 😀 ,I see my Monrovia peeps (Jill, Emily, Kyra, April, Skyler’s dad, that is all I see because it is time for me to move with my Impulse people) We are now wrist-banded and ready to go!

Cases and cases of beer meet me and the 21 and over group of volunteers (fundraising is not a job, it’s an adventure!!!) 😀 Funny, kids (kids, they are 21, yup kids!) I am working with don’t know how to pack coolers! They open a 20 lb. bag of ice and pour it into an empty cooler. Impulse gets the BEST kids. Of course they don’t know how to pack a cooler with beer 😀

Jasper is still out of it, kinda, I find out he doesn’t have money. The gates haven’t opened yet and we are ready to start selling, so I give him some cash to go get those garlic/cheese/steak/fries he was eyeballing on the way in 😀 It is just before noon

Gates open and a WHOLE LOTTA GOOD LOOKING comes pouring through the gates. Good looking as in both genders, just saying for the record. Just realized what may be a partial motivation for those Monrovia band moms to work concessions at all those UCLA games. Seeing a whole lotta good looking young men walking around all day cant suck 😀

Same for me 😀 On occasion I would throw out a random compliment here and there if it seemed appropriate. Nice hairstyle, great makeup, cute nails, etc. maybe engage in brief conversations if there was no line. Get and give a few laughs and smiles; the hair tossing was extra on top occasionally 😀 Jasper asked me at one point, how do I do it? Simple; be honest, be in the moment, and have no intentions other than a moment of social fun 😀 He tried it out himself with some success. Jasper, Ruben and I talked about a few things here and there through the course of our day together 😀

Had a long rap with Elliut on the way home 😀

Most/all college sporting events have been alcohol free for a couple of years now (inside the venues, outside the tailgating is more intense, I am sure, and probably the occasional beer gardens) People were surprise that not only were we selling beer, but that they could take it into the stadium! I saw early on, because most people were unaware of the beer selling, a few but not many people who had obviously been drinking but were still at a socially acceptable appropriate level, all things being considered. Nobody wants to sell anyone a beer to someone who has clearly had too much and knowing what the consequences of selling them that beer might be.

Bottom line: Coors Light, MGD = $13 ; Strawberita, Limerita, Tecate $14

All 24oz cans 😀 Go big or go home! 😀

I posted on FB the menu. A friend commented you had to be rich to get drunk at the game. There was a whole lotta rich there. At the end of the day, my stand cleared over 18,000 dollars! BEER!!!! OMG 😀 Now that I think about it, $400 in tips was WAY!!! too little 😀 Some people were way generous. The Michigan State people FAR out tipped the Stanford people. The Michigan State people also bought more beer 😀 Cold weather people, better trained at handling high volumes of alcohol 😀 My guess 😀

Michigan State 24 Stanford 20

Everyone seemed to have a good time. It was a great game. I wanted Stanford to win, because I am a west coast, homer kinda guy; but I am glad State won. Good looking Michigan people, came along way, cheered louder and longer throughout the day, tipped well. It’s all good

Go Green! Go White! Go Sparty! 😀

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