Pretty Girls, Creepy Guys

An issue most, almost all guys never have to deal with

Creepy guys

Awhile back, a friend got hired to be a chef at Pomona College. She took me on a tour of the campus one Saturday afternoon after a hike in the Claremont hills. I was noticing the emergency call boxes were few and far between as I imagined the campus at night or early in the morning before day break when she would be arriving or leaving from work. Do you have a rape whistle, I asked her. She pulled that out of her purse along with a can of mace; also telling me he’d taken some self defense classes and does refresher courses a couple of times a year. She also told me she makes it a habit to call for a security escort during the hours creepy guy might be lurking

Another friend used to have a boyfriend (notice, used to) whom she SPECIFICALLY told that when they go for walks, particularly at night, to position himself between any oncoming man, or group of men, and her. He failed

Women want to feel safe. Guys, make it happen

Reminds me; A few weeks ago I noticed a mom sitting with her daughter before a workshop a couple of weeks ago. At the end of the day a woman approached me and asks me how the day went. I went into a lot of detail and was talking for several minutes, as the truck got loaded. Her daughter approached and stood by her mother. Then I realized, it was the same mom I had seen in the morning 😀 In the morning she was sitting as far back as possible and was wearing a hat and sunglasses. Last weekend, she dropped her daughter off and went on her way. Among other things she was checking out about the gig that first week was, is this place safe for my daughter

Yes 😀

Already had that conversation with the kids; If anyone notices a creepy guy watching us, from whatever distance, LET US KNOW. We will make him go away

A couple of years ago, during a vizh rehearsal I noticed a white van driving along a utility road next to the field we use. I lost tract of it because I was into the teaching. After a few minutes during a pause or break, maybe I asked if anyone had any questions. A girl raised her hand and asked we could all wave to the creepy guy in the van. We all turned around and sure enough, there he was

Creepy guy in a van

I talked to the boys about that. You don’t have to be old to be creepy. We all have eyes. We will all from time to time look and admire each other, physically. It’s how you look, and what intent or thoughts accompany the look that makes it creepy or not

Same thing with the difference between being extra nice to an attractive person or “hitting on” them. All about the intent

That has to be another annoying thing pretty girls have to deal with, although in some cases I imagine it can be amusing too 😀 I digress

The Chief Executive is naming a task force to advise college presidents to address sexual assault on their campuses. Seems as though sexual assaults on college campuses has been GROSSLY underreported and dealt with more as an annoyance more than the serious issue it is. Colleges don’t want a reputation for a place women might not be safe

Might? The stats are 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 4 (depending on the level) women will experience sexual assault.

Creepy Guys. Well not really. Most women will be assaulted by someone they know (friend, acquaintance, relative *eeewwwww*)

I see it in some womens’ eyes that I randomly pass in dark parking lots. It’s a terrible look. Hate it. They have been hurt

So guys, protect the women folk. Walk them to their cars, walk them to their front doors or dorm rooms. Ask them to be prepared and aware. Help them learn ways to defend themselves, if they haven’t already. There are a few guys out there doing awesome things, but for the most part, the day to day awesome is because of the women in our lives. TAKE CARE OF THEM 😀

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2 Responses to Pretty Girls, Creepy Guys

  1. AWESOME….having worked for Pasadena City College Campus Police and paying my way through VK, I can attest to the fact that colleges and HAVENS for creepy guys…and stalker ex boyfriends.

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