20 Things people in their 20’s Should Stop Doing

This is a list I pulled off the internet. Actually a friend posted it on his timeline. I copied the ordinals and the titles, but the comments are mine. I don’t think people go online to be scolded and I felt there was a degree of finger wagging in the author’s comment. So here it is, and my perspective 😀

1 Playing video gamesVideo games started when I was a kid. I can remember a time when arcades had pinball, foosball, and a variety of carnival like games 😀 Maybe there is some social value to some video gaming. I think it is probably a male dominated world, but I am aware some females do the video games. Does seem like a waste of time

2 DatingThis is interesting. I don’t know many 20 somethings that have a complete awareness of their likes and dislikes, in particular, in regards to a relationship. Dating is how most people “figure it out.” I think the idea is in regard to pro-creation. Tough to raise children the older a person gets, not impossible, just harder. If you never plan on having children 😀 Date to your hearts contentment! 😀

3 Sleeping InThis I don’t get, regardless of age, occupation, station in life. Get up, get busy! I am up every day by 6AM, usually earlier. Eat well, rest early, up early. That simple. Make it happen 😀

4 Thinking you know everythingI thought this was teenagers?! Heeheeheeheehee 😀 Seriously, I read somewhere that your knowledge of the world is in direct opposite correlation to what you actually know; something to that effect. Maybe this statement is simpler and expresses the same concept from a different perspective. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know 😀

5 Dreaming too SmallReach for the sky! Demand and expect the best 😀

6 Dreaming too BigOooooppps! Understand who you are and what your capabilities are. A fish can’t climb a tree, but can do a whole lot of other awesome things. That being said, most of what your mind can imagine is possible. Work with others, it is mostly up to you, what path you choose in life, but more than likely, it will involve others 😀

7 Setting Unrealistic GoalsA friend FB posted something recently about systems and processes, instead of goal setting. Set up a system, a process by which you get things done. Focus on the system/process, stuff WILL get done. Another thing I learned long ago: task analysis. If you do set a goal(s) break it down to a set by set path which will lead you to your goal. That is your “system”

8 Looking for ApprovalThis is another one I don’t get. You have to live with you. FTW Live your life for you, hopefully with thoughts of others in mind

9 Comparing Yourself to OthersThis is just plain ridiculous. I remember a long time ago I was sitting somewhere, in my 20’s, and an older woman with a son my age struck up a conversation. She was telling me about his recreational activities: sky diving, hang gliding, demolitions (kidding), etc, essentially high risk stuff. She asked me what I did for “fun.” I told her nothing that involves threatening my life. Those activities are fine and dandy, and there is a degree of safety one can take, but we call them accidents for a reason. Sometimes shit just happens

10 Buying StuffStuff you don’t NEED. Wasteful consumerism. If you cant find it at the 99 cents store, you don’t need it 😀

11 Letting Others Predict a Future They Don’t ControlDon’t let anyone tell you what you can and what you cannot do in this world (unless, of course, its illegal, immoral, unethical, etc. maybe need a whole other post to define all that) 😀

12 Waiting for Others to tell You What to DoHave initiative. Figure stuff out on your own. Be aware. Don’t suck. Max your gig 😀

13 Getting ArrestedBy the way, did you know, if you get pulled over for whatever reason, you are under arrest. Felonies, big no no. Traffic tickets, meh, but try and stay away from those also

14 Being SelfishThe End – Beatles. “…the love you take is equal to the love you make” Better to give than receive, Golden Rule, etc.

15 Doing Work that is MediocreMaybe it’s not the job that sucks, maybe it’s the way you are doing it. If you hate going to work, find a different job. I know it is not that simple, but it is. If you are not maxing your gig, you are cheating yourself and everyone around you

16 Being LazyAgain, it’s all about motivation. Live, give to the world. Don’t be a taker. Find something interesting to do with your life. Live like someone is watching you and is going to write a book or make a movie about your life! 😀

17 Shifting Blame on OthersIt is your life. You are responsible for it. If your life is “good” it is because of you. If your life is “bad” it is because of you. Of course other factors come into play, but bottom line, in this day and age, put on your big boy or big girl pants on, get out there and make it happen 😀

18 Church HoppingHere the basic idea is that most people find contentment with their life when they have a consistent faith experience. I am pretty much agreement with that. I don’t think you need to go to a church every week or at all. Just like standing in your garage every day won’t turn you into a car 😀

19 Being too BusyTo make positive changes in your life. Being busy doesn’t equal being productive and actually getting stuff done. If you are eating junk and not cooking more often than not, you are wasting time, not “busy”; or you could be doing too much at once. Pace yourself, don’t take 22 units a semester and try to work also (tried once) 😀

20 Taking Yourself too SeriouslyHave a degree of self-deprecation. Have fun, laugh at yourself once in awhile 😀

Well I have to go and make some stuff happen! I appreciate you, readers, and your comments. I dropped the ball with the posting the past few months, thanks for hanging in there. Again, I am always open to topic suggestions 😀

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