2014 Impulse Auditions #2

So the first person Stephanie sees Sunday morning is me 😀 How are you Ray?, she asks. I look at her; I smile. I turn away still smiling. Look back, pause…

The day before I had gone out with my friend Sarah 😀

HARBOR HOUSE!!!!! 😀 (Kim wasn’t there, btw)

Have I mentioned before how much I love Sarah? 😀

Among the many things we talked about in our multiple hours long conversation was the Katy Perry documentary of one of Katy’s recent tours. Sarah has seen it, I have not. Apparently there is one scene where Katy, (yes, she and I are on a first name basis!), is DONE emotionally – physically; just a hot, sobby mess. She has people around her telling her if she gives them the word, they will cancel the show that night. Another person in the background is counting down for her to get on stage. #3, 2, 1 BAM! Katy snaps her head up, flashes a smile, wipes the tears…


So that’s what I tell Stephanie. Same for me. Same for any great performer 😀

Yes, I just called myself a great performer. Calling it like it is 😀

So the question, how are you. How am I. I am great; always. Even when I am not, I am at least good. If I am actually feeling good or great, even better. But the reality is, as a performer, if you can lock into the moment and deliver a performance, more likely than not, you’ll rock it! 😀

That’s what I will teach these kids. How to do it. It really comes down to believing in yourself. I believe in them. I just have to get these kids to believe they ARE great performers.

Auditions, hmmm

Last rehearsal, for a while anyways, with just the horns 😀 Good and bad. It’s a great bunch of kids. Smart, learn quickly; demonstrate comprehension of what I am wanting them to do on a consistently better basis. They need to get stronger, A LOT STRONGER. I am strongly considering leading P/T. Shame some of these youngsters into better shape. Bryan, Bass #3 from last year and this year came up with a P/T program to run at his HS. He gave me a copy. I will ask his permission that I use it with Impulse. Very similar to what Jasper ran last year. We played in the morning also; played and moved actually. Imagine that?! That’s the gig after all. Told Jeff I want to do that every vizh block. Drummers too, drummers always want to play anyways 😀

Moving on to the battery auditions…

This year was the toughest for the battery staff. There was not major differences in the talent level and it was all high in every section. I was surprised by some of the cuts. Alex and Deanna are going back to bass. Thought for sure they were going to make snare. But you know what, they both rock the shit out of those bass drums. Lane is the lone vet in the quads, all the rooks sound solid in all sections. The girl from Whittier didn’t make quads but she is considering cymbals. All rookie cymbal line, but there is a BA who’s been trained for 2 years by one of our vets, at her HS. Devin from Glendora didn’t make the battery but word on the street (FB) is that he’s down with being in the Pit

Speaking of the Pit 😀

5 marimbas, 5 vibes OMG!!!! 2 synths and 2 AUX We are going to have a great sound from the front ensemble. I am going to not so quietly suggest that we have 2, maybe even 3 front ensemble features. The Pit already have a great chemistry/vibe 😀

The same could be said for all the sections. We, staff, have noted that since the Open House in Novemeber. The kids coming out this year have a noticeable personality similarity, and their talent/intelligence level is a little higher and more consistent than in the recent past 😀

Finally, Guard 😀

Sunday was the first time we didn’t have double digits for guard numbers, but they have been at least twice as high in turning out, again, compared to recent past. I am going to assert myself sooner to maintain and support that caption. Max it out, right?! 😀 I am glad Maribel is letting her kid go out for guard. The girl is not that confident right now, but I saw/heard Jerrad, one of our awesome vets encouraging her, telling her she may not be very good now, but she WILL get it!

Speaking of Vets stepping up; I noticed Ruben was a little better yesterday than he was last week. V was more vocal also. Isaac was stepping it up in both blocks, pointing out details to the rookies about the tuba gig. I think the battery vets are the best group of battery vets, in all manner, than we’ve had in a long time. We don’t have a lot of vets this year; a good and bad thing. That reminds me…

Member Leadership!!!

We have some outstanding candidates for DM this year. I took the opportunity before the vizh block to do a little leadership training. I need to consistently address that issue with the DM and the vets/section leaders

Parents provided another awesome meal 😀

I am taking the end of rehearsal wrap up 😀

Need to remember to check with all the parents about anything that needs to be addressed in the closing announcement. Maribel, Carol, and Jayme are all good at speaking up. Linda is usually too, but somehow or another I missed talking about the fundraiser. From now on, I am going to include their name in my lesson plans 😀

Luck favors the well prepared!!!!! 😀

Got some random hugs through the day; some random high fives 😀

It was a great day. It is going to be a very special season. These kids are in for a very intense experience that will positively impact the rest of their lives 😀

😀 and my day ended with seeing a very handsome palm tree!!!!! 😀

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