Radio RockStar!!!

I have a friend who has a radio show on the RockStar Radio Network called Lessons in Joyful Living and she wants me to be a guest. Her producer contacted me and asked me to send back the following information 😀 How exciting! 😀

A short bio
How far back should I go? Drum Corps?, College?, Last ten years? Suggestions please. By short, meaning like one page? Yah think?

Headshot in jpeg
Smile, no smile?

Contact info:
Easy-peasy on this one

Your Facebook and Twitter handles.
“handles” okay

Are you offering to give anything away? (book, product, gift card, consulting time, etc.)
I like “consulting time” 😀

8-10 Questions and Answers about what you want to discuss
Dudes, bro’s, readers, you know me best. If you could listen to me talk, what are some things you’d like me to talk about?

Details of anything you would like to promote
I am going to be promoting my Blog and Impulse 😀

URL of Website(s) and e-mail where listeners may reach you
I think this is where the crazy is going to start happening 😀

Please send a copy of your book or product
Oh, I know one topic I want to talk about; how to turn my blog into a book!

This is going to be very awesome. It will take me some time to put some intelligent responses to some of these questions. Her show airs 10PM PT weekdays, LIVE!!!!! I will post when I am actually scheduled to be on the air. Wow, I love how that sounds. I am going to be on the air, LIVE 😀

WooHoo!!! 😀

For all the superficial presentation that I project as a left brained person, my right side of my brain is far more dominant. Probably why I work so hard at Left Brain tasks.

So friends, readers I would really appreciate some feedback on this. Thank you in advance 😀

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