Smile, you have the whole rest of your life ahead of you! :D

Well I need to flesh out some details to the topics I sent the producer of my friend’s podcast. I have to put them into a question/answer format, so here it goes

1. What do I do to contribute to the welfare of others?

I smile a lot 😀 I greet people with a hello and good morning every day. I try not to suck 😀 I try to help other people not suck 😀 I point out bullshit if I see it, so other people don’t step in it. I am thoughtful. I am kind and am prone to random acts of kindness!


Okay I will go back and work on this more 😀

2. How do you recognize and appreciate every individual for their uniqueness?

I learn names quickly. I am very much present when I stand before people or a person. They usually become acutely aware that I am really with them in that moment. That helps develop trust and openness. I am a great listener 😀 Yes I said that word again 😀 But I am also humble, genuine, and honest. I think that comes across the longer I am engaged in a conversation with someone or many people 😀

Yup, this Q/A needs more work

3. Why do you establish and maintain your own standards?

You have to live with you. Of course others will judge and value you, as a person, but no one’s perception of you should supersede how you view yourself. Often in life, standards are set for the average. There are many good reasons for that. To me, there are many more reasons to exceed those standards 😀

4. How do you love and support your family and humanity in general

You just do. Love of life in general should be unconditional. It’s a good place to start your heart and your mind every day. How will I love the people I am going to encounter this day; you just do it 😀

5. Why is it important to have joy and passion in everything you do?

Because, why do it otherwise? All of my adult life I have worked with younger people. Pay it forward. Treat them the way everyone should be treated; as intelligent, caring, responsible people. Believe that, believe in them. Communicate that is what you believe. Be real, make it real. Put your heart and mind to it. That really is the only way for me to be

6. How do you know your limitations and how can you push beyond them?

Again, it’s another one of those “you just do” kind of things. Challenge yourself; push yourself. Don’t stay in that comfort zone. The magic only happens outside that comfort zone

7. How do you talk to God/The Spirit of the Universe every day?

By being introspective going to bed and waking up. By looking at each person and seeing beyond the superficial; looking at their essence – their soul. Trying to see who they were created to be and understand whether I am a part of that or not

8. How do you take pleasure in life’s every day little things?

Quick story: I was riding with a friend a couple of weeks ago. As we sat at a red light I could see a handsome palm tree beyond the intersection in the median. I said to her, “that is a handsome palm tree!” She said to me, “that was such a Ray thing to say!” 😀

9. How can you always possibly do everything as best as you can?

It’s a personal challenge. Most of my time is spent working with and helping others. If I am giving less than my best, I not only cheat them I am cheating myself

10. Are you serious about the need to play and have fun as much as possible?

I know in life there are plenty of times where it is not all fun and games. Knowing that, when possible, absolutely! Laugh, sing, dance, and just boogie oogie oogie ‘til you just can’t boogie no more!

Alright, this all needs a lot more work, but it’s a start!!! 😀

So many new followers!!!!! 😀 Thank you, enjoy

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