10 EASY steps to Joy and Happiness EVERYDAY

1. Contribute to the welfare of others
It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Sometimes it could be as simple as holding the door for someone, or slowing your pace as you see someone approaching the same door way as you. Pick up trash that is not yours. Smile and say hello to the people you make eye contact with in passing.
2. Recognize and appreciate every individual for their uniqueness
Every person I met, I know, has had some experience or some knowledge or skill that is unique to them and unknown to me. With rare exception, everyone is a treasure. Respect that.
3. Establish and maintain your own standards
It means you will increase the chance of failure, but it also means success on a much more appreciable level.
4. Love and support your family and humanity in general
It is difficult, I admit. I swear under my breath, and sometimes aloud every day at both; but then I smile and relax. It is silly to think, in general, anyone is intentionally trying to piss you off. Even if someone cuts you off in traffic, it’s about them, not you.
5. Have joy and passion in everything you do
I love and need ME time, but giving of and endeavoring self with joy and passion in all your activities adds so much to your life, it becomes addictive.
6. Know your limitations and how can you push beyond them
Fear should not be in anyone’s vocabulary. Pain is really Joy with a little sweat, blood, and tears on it.
7. Talk to God/The Spirit of the Universe every day
Do not judge others. Be aware of your filters and always trying to maintain them at minimal levels. Be open to beauty, love, truth. Not in words, but by the vibe in the air.
8. Take pleasure in life’s every day little things
Life is beautiful. Wake up before dawn everyday just to see the sun rise and hear the morning birds chirp.
9. How can you always possibly do everything as best as you can
It’s about being honest with yourself. When you know you could have done a better job with something, for me, there is a hollow feeling. Sometimes you just gotta get stuff done, because time or some other factor is limiting you in some way in being your best. But most of the time, Max It Out, works for me.
10. Play and have fun as much as possible
Live your life like someone is going to write a book or make a movie about it. We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing

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