2014 Impulse First Rehearsal

Got my Monrovia people and headed to Huntington Beach. Had the usual random Ray conversation. A little history, a little funny, a lot of ADD, life, perspective, etc. šŸ˜€

We get to Marina HS. Isaac pushed the paint rollie thing and Josh carried the interval stick and we walked to the field. They helped me throw down a grid 8 yard lines long and from the front sideline to the front hash wide in about 30 minutes šŸ˜€ Sweet

Put stuff back in my car and moved the car next to the truck. I get out to update the schedule on the whiteboard. Elize is the first to greet me with a “hello” and a smile šŸ˜€ Riley, Armando(rookie), Mando(vet), and Ruben are unloading the truck. I go inside to use the facilities and make my way to the bandroom.

Ashley is the first one to greet me. She’s playing Flappy Birds and asks me if I play too šŸ˜€ that she would even ask. No I tell her, so quickly she tells me it’s the last day and I have to play at least once. I fail quickly and completely twice, give her her phone back, and head to my spot in the front of the room.

I get there and soon Niko sees me and greets me then Jayme starts making announcements. Byron Sr. comes over a gives me good morning handshake. Niko and I quietly make a quick plan for the guard there that didn’t get the memo. It’s all good. Kids break out and head to the truck: battery goes with battery staff, pit goes with Jaymi, guard and brass go to field with me šŸ˜€

I clarify some of the info they got earlier, tell a couple of quick stories to make a point about our culture and how all the little things they are doing now will come together into something larger very soon.

Ruben asks Jerrad to lead the morning stretch. As the kids get into their warmup, Charlie arrives. I introduce him to Blake who arrives just behind Charlie. I leave those two to acquaint themselves while circulate through the block to reacquaint myself with the new faces šŸ˜€

They finish warm ups, I (re)introduce Charlie, and observe and take notes the next hour. Corwin comes out towards the end of the hour and talks to me about getting Blake more involved in the vizh instruction. I apologize as I apparently misunderstood Niko, that Blake was going to chill and watch for awhile before jumping in. I pull Blake aside and we talk briefly. Kids get water and I sit them down for a quick chat.

I clarify some of the instruction they got from Charlie, defining and reinforcing the concepts they need to demonstrate. I get them back into a block, start to introduce the next activity, and then it happens…

Someone yawns

“Put ’em down” I point, “soccer goal” (about 100 yards away) Mass of children are off and running

I have told them since Open House in November how important it is to breathe efficiently in order for their body to perform optimally. Yawning is a direct sign of shallow breathing, not a direct sign of being tired or bored.

I remind them to breath and continue with the block. My ambition for what I believed they would be able to achieve in the next hour far exceeded their current ability. I’ve already mentally imagined a more effective lesson plan for the next time I see them. I also have a plan on how to better utilized Blake in and around the vizh block šŸ˜€

Lunch time! šŸ˜€ I hung out near the truck where the parents were serving chicken teriyaki bowls, chips, fruit, and drink ($5) Got me a bowl, chatted with rookies and vets šŸ˜€

Sat with Jeff and Niko for the DM interviews. Interesting process. We had 5 outstanding candidates, and decided to go with three of them.

Watched a little bit of the battery gig, a little bit of the pit gig, and a little bit of the horn gig. Guard stayed after lunch and Jerrad lead them, but I didn’t get a chance to see them

It was a really cold and windy day. I didn’t realize until later that I had been clinching my jaw for most if the afternoon; my jaws were sore later (and this guy had a hoodie and scarf in his car)

After announcements they got valentine’s candy!!! šŸ˜€

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